9 ways founders can bring automation to healthcare

For years, automation has been a key driver of transformation across industries, changing the way companies and entire sectors operate. However, healthcare, a $4.1 trillion industry, has fallen behind

Notable, which makes RPA-based tools to speed up healthcare admin, raises $100M at a $600M valuation

Timing is everything in healthcare — yet too often diagnoses, treatments and procedures are held up by paperwork, administrative red tape between patients, clinicians, carers, bookkeepers, insur

Notable launches a service to automatically record and digitize data from doctor visits

Notable, a new startup digitizing the checkup through automatic recording of doctor’s visits and updating of electronic health records, is launching its first product for the Apple Watch. Billin

Dept. Of Annotation: Bounce Some Website Design Ideas Off Your Friends

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TechCrunch Homepage Design Gets Deconstructed By ZURB

<img src="" width="215" height="146" /> <a href="">ZURB</a>, a well-regarded interaction design and strategy