• CrunchDeals: NookColor For $199, Until 3PM ET

    The NookColor is one of Barnes and Noble’s entrants to the e-reader market and is considered to be up there with the Kindle. It launched the last half of 2010 with a $249 price tag, but with this amazing CrunchDeal, you can have it for 20% off, or $199. If you’re unfamiliar with the NookColor, or want to learn more, check out John Biggs’ review. Read More

  • NookColor is Barnes & Noble's Top Seller This Holiday

    In a few short weeks, the NookColor sold “nearly a million units,” at least according to B&N, making it the company’s best selling product. Launched in October, the NookColor is a hackable Android tablet originally designed to only read B&N’s line of ebooks and play a few games. Since its launch, however, it’s become a hacker’s plaything and a… Read More

  • Irony: Read Kindle Books On Your Rooted NookColor

    Just when we thought the NookColor was just a B&N reading device, hackers have rooted the devices and ported the Kindle reading app to the platform, ensuring plenty of migraines around Barnes & Noble HQ this week. Read More

  • 12 Days Of Christmas: Nook Color Giveaway

    Reading and books: probably the most fantastic gifts possible. That said, the Nook Color can do books, magazines, simple games, and browse the web all on an Android system. It’s been called an iPad light and that’s a great description, really. Normally these run $249.99 in Barnes & Nobel stores, but as the last item in our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway extravaganza… Read More

  • Sony To World: Don't You… Forget About Our E-Readers… Don't Don't You

    Hot on the heels of Amazon and B&N’s Kindle and Nook announcements, Sony is reminding the world that they still make e-reader and that their Touch Edition is almost sold out – in Japan. Read More

  • 18,000 B&N Nook Colors Are Being Produced Each And Every Day

    B&N has high hopes for the Nook Color. High expectations is actually more like it. The company’s chairman Len Riggio recently in an article, “B&N is manufacturing Nook Colors at a rate of 18,000 per day and is loading up a 747 every four to five days to bring devices to the U.S. from China” So yeah, for B&N’s sake, hopefully at least a few of you have the… Read More

  • Review: Barnes & Noble NookColor

    Short Version:
    The Barnes & Noble Nook looked like an also-ran until they came out with the first mass-market color e-reader, the NookColor, one of the first LCD e-readers worth considering. Although the price says “Why not just buy an iPad?” the features and design say “Let’s give this thing a second look.” Read More