CrunchDeals: NookColor For $199, Until 3PM ET

<img src="" />The NookColor is one of <a href="">Barnes and Noble's entrants</a> to the

NookColor is Barnes & Noble's Top Seller This Holiday

<img src="">In a few short weeks, the <a HREF="">NookColor</a> sold "nearly a million units," at least

Irony: Read Kindle Books On Your Rooted NookColor

<img src="">Just when we thought the <a HREF="">NookColor</a> was just a B&N reading

12 Days Of Christmas: Nook Color Giveaway

Reading and books: probably the most fantastic gifts possible. That said, the Nook Color can do books, magazines, simple games, and browse the web all on an Android system. It’s been called an i

Sony To World: Don't You… Forget About Our E-Readers… Don't Don't You

Hot on the heels of Amazon and B&N’s Kindle and Nook announcements, Sony is reminding the world that they still make e-reader and that their Touch Edition is almost sold out – in Japan

18,000 B&N Nook Colors Are Being Produced Each And Every Day

<img src="">B&N has high hopes for the Nook Color. High expectations is actually more like it. The company's chairman Len Ri

Review: Barnes & Noble NookColor

Short Version: The Barnes & Noble Nook looked like an also-ran until they came out with the first mass-market color e-reader, the NookColor, one of the first LCD e-readers worth considering. Altho