• Nooka Watches Crowdfunds A Cool New Custom Chronograph

    Nooka Watches Crowdfunds A Cool New Custom Chronograph

    Nooka is one of my favorite watch brands. The creator, Matthew Waldman, originally worked for Seiko and then built his own company, creating a unique line of watches that depended on dots and gauges to tell the time and date. His pieces, which prefigured the rise of weirdo watchmakers like Tokyoflash, were geek chic before there was geek chic. Read More

  • Review: Nooka Asset Organizer

    Welcome to future world, first stop: wallets. Nooka makes some of our favorite watches an now they’re making what amounts to a wallet for space explorers. Made of soft silicone, it is wear and water resistant and infinitely expandable. It comes in five colors and costs $35. Read More

  • Nooka Augmented Reality Accessorizer: Not real but it should be

    Nooka is one of our favorite brands and these guys created a new way to try on a Nooka watch at home. By using augmented reality technologies – albeit technology that may not work quite yet – you can try on any watch just by putting on a specially coded bracelet. The system senses the position of your hand and lets the Nooka watch appear in 3D right on your wrist. It’s… Read More

  • Thursday Giveaway: A Nooka Accessory Selection

    Good afternoon, chaps. Do you feel underdressed, under-accessorized, and smelly? Nooka has something nice for you. Our buddies over there are giving out a new Nooka Watch (your choice), a Nooka Belt (shown above), and the new Nooka fragrance. That’s right: you can smell like a Nooka. Read More

  • Nooka: Now with more mascots

    I am a huge Nooka watch fan and and it’s fun to see what they’ve been up to lately, especially on the marketing front. This little video features the new Nooka mascot, a wee fellow who looks like some kind of Chinese mooncake god. Read More

  • Think Tokyo Flash watches are too abstract? Think again

    Sometimes I hear people complain about Tokyo Flash watches being too abstract and unreadable but I think this new watch from Japan sets the bar even higher. Read More

  • Nooka gives limited edition glow-in-the-dark watches to Kanye West, doesn't hate on Rihanna

    Matthew Waldman at Nooka made some limited edition glow-in-the-dark versions of his watches for Kanye and tried to give them to him but was rebuffed for not understanding the “back stage pass.” Check out Matt’s comments below… he explains the whole thing. We’re morons. They’ll probably be making these in a limited edition for sale soon, so keep an eye… Read More

  • Nooka Zirc: How big! How bold!

    I’ve been clearly failing our dedicated watch readers with my coverage of odd and sexy designs. Take the Nooka Zirc for example. It has a 45mm face with a 22mm band and looks like a Dick Tracy watchphone — but isn’t. The dots show the hour and the long bar shows the minutes. It’s $350 but trust me, Matt Waldman makes a mean watch. Product Page Read More