• Nook shipping update: Pre-ordered Nooks should arrive before Santa

    I have some good news and some bad news for those waiting for their Nooks to be delivered. The good news is I just got word from a B&N VP that if your Nook initially had a pre-Christmas delivery date, it will be there in time for Christmas morning. But this also means that you’re not going to get that $100 gift card. Sorry. But at least your significant other will be unwrapping… Read More

  • Nook gets a softroot and its first homebrew app

    Those wacky NookDevs have hacked the Nook to within an inch of its life, created a softroot for those who don’t want to crack open their Nook cases to get at the soft and sweet MicroSD card inside. The softroot essentially “jailbreaks” the Nook, allowing you to install homebrew software onto the device. You can download the software here and I’ve mirrored it here so… Read More

  • nook updated to version 1.1: Eh, fixes some things but nothing to go crazy over

    Do you have a nook? Better update the software right now, lest all your friends tease you for running version 1.0. Who wants that?! Read More

  • B&N confirms Nook shipment delay, says only "very small percentage" affected

    The Barnes & Noble Senior VP of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Mary Ellen Keating, just confirmed to us that indeed some Nook orders were pushed back again. She claims that only a very small percentage of customers will not receive their Nook before Christmas though. B&N apparently offered affected customers both a holiday certificate in case the Nook was a gift and the… Read More

  • Nook shipments pushed back again? Nearly impossible to cancel orders?

    We just got a troubling tip from a concerned Nook buyer. I say buyer because he still hasn’t received his Nook. He ordered the Barnes & Noble ebook reader on November 12 and the device was originally supposed to ship on November 30th. But you may recall that date was pushed back to December 11th Frustrated by the delay, he successfully completed the cancellation process on… Read More

  • The Nook gets Pandora, web browser, Facebook apps

    In the proud tradition of the CueCat the street is finding its own use for the Nook, adding Facebook, Pandora, and Browser apps to the ereader. Nookdevs have already rooted the Android-powered ebook and programmers have succeeded in installing multiple apps that have been ported to the version of the OS running on the Nook. Read More

  • Barnes and Noble Nook e-Book Reader Rooted

    The recently released e-book reader from Barnes & Noble, the Nook, has been rooted by the community of enthusiasts at The complete instructions for hacking the device and obtaining root access are detailed on the site. The Nook went on sale in late November and aims to compete with the dominant Amazon Kindle, a device which has spurred its own community of hackers and… Read More

  • Hacknooks!

    We knew the nook had some Android blood in it, but it’s been kept well-hidden, merely an underpinning for its custom UI. We expected some special apps or minor compatibility with existing stuff to be pushed out later on, but of course some people can’t wait until “later on.” Read More

  • The tide has turned: Nook is dead this season

    The Nook is the Blackberry Storm of 2009. Straight up. Reviews are so bad and popular opinion is so negative that it will be a wonder if these things don’t end up under a parking lot in the New Mexico desert come May. Read More

  • Nook is getting it in the noots

    Man, B&N can’t get a break. David Pogue, the only tech writer who still likes to cuddle, hates him the Nook. The device is unresponsive, the color touchscreen is dumb, and those “million books” the Nook offers? Most of them err janky Google scans. His bottom line? To use the technical term, it’s slower than an anesthetized slug in winter. Read More

  • Nook demo units showing up in stores, use this locator to find one near you

    The Nook saga continues as demo units are reportable showing up in brick and mortar locations. Too bad there will not be any available for purchase until next month, but at least you can actually spend sometime with the dual-screen ebook reader before you pre-order now. Speaking of pre-orders, the website still lists January 15 as the expected ship date. I know, that’s no fun. Read More

  • McCracken looks at the Nook

    We didn’t get a Nook yet but Harry McCracken at Technologizer did, which means he’s better than us. Why? Because his last name reminds me of a sea monster. Anyway, Harry found the Nook to be a 1.0 product at best and a 0.1 product at worst. His bottom line: Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: The Nook isn’t a Kindle killer–not in this initial form, at least. Read More

  • Nook retail shipment delayed to meet Internet orders

    You’re going to have to wait a bit longer to pick up the $260 Nook in some Barnes & Noble retail stores. The lot that was earmarked for the brick and mortar retail market has been redirected to fullfill Internet pre-orders. Those damn early adopters always get all the fun. Read More

  • The Barnes & Noble nook is officially sold out

    Figures. Just yesterday we write about all the different e-books you can get your hands on this holiday shopping season, and then we get a bombshell:Barnes & Noble is 100 percent sold out of nook. The company says that it has exhausted its current supply, and will only have enough nooks to fulfill current pre-orders. In other words, if you were thinking about getting a nook for Christmas… Read More

  • Nook reader turns out to be popular, shipments get pushed back

    It’s not fun being the coolest kid in town as Barnes & Noble just found out. Its hot dual-screen Nook ebook reader was supposed to ship on November 30th, but that’s not going to happen. Sorry. The good news is that buyers should still get it before Christmas though. Read More

  • American Booksellers Association concerned that rapidly falling book prices will be bad for consumers. Yes, you read that right. Low prices = bad.

    Books, books, books! The American Booksellers Association, a trade group that represents small bookstores (not Barnes and Noble and the other big guys), has asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether or not Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target have “[devalued] the very concept of the book” with their ongoing price war. Well, they’re actually asking for an investigation… Read More

  • Nook news roundup

    Forget the new Apple products from yesterday, the big news of the day was the Barnes & Noble Nook reader that might just shake up the stale e-book reader image the Kindle has in-part created. The Nook really seems like the device to beat now with the two screens, 10 day battery life, WiFi and AT&T 3G, native PDF support, and is the same price as the Kindle at $260. Read More

  • Chart: How the Nook stacks up in the e-reader race

    The Nook, Barnes & Noble’s new ereader, has upped the ante. With a small, 3.5-inch LCD screen in the lower quadrant, the Nook adds touch capabilities that the Kindle definitely does not have. So who will win the ereader race? While no one in particular has to “win” the race, it’s abundantly clear that Amazon has a head start. B&N was late with their readers… Read More

  • is live for your viewing pleasure

    Barnes & Noble finally announced the Nook reader. So far it seems impressive but Nicholas is on hand at the press event and will post his early impressions as soon as he can round up a Nook. In the meantime however, is finally active and has everything you could possibly wanna know about the new reader. Read More

  • Almost live from Barnes and Noble's Nook event

    Not that every media outlet on Planet Earth doesn’t already have all of the details, but Team CrunchGear (Jimin and I… we’re right up there with The Mega Powers) is here at Barnes and Noble’s big reveal here in New York. Technically, we’re at Pier 60 right along the Hudson River. Not that you care. Update: Hands-on pics added after the jump. Read More