Feeling The Heat From Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Line Hits The UK This Fall

We've heard a lot of rumors in the last year, but now Barnes & Noble has finally unveiled its first official plans for taking its Nook tablets and e-readers to markets outside of the U.S. Today

Barnes And Noble Cuts Nook Tablet Prices As New Kindle Rumors Surface

Well, Barnes and Noble seems to be in a <a target="_blank" href="">giving mood</a> today. The company revealed earlier t

B&N Launches Nook For Web, Doesn’t Work On iPhone Or iPad

Barnes & Noble is bringing its <a target="_blank" href="">Nook reading platform to the web</a> today, where it will compete with <a target="_blank" href

Sources: Microsoft And Barnes & Noble To Announce Tablet With Xbox Live Streaming Tomorrow

There's a ton of speculation around what Microsoft will be announcing on Monday in Los Angeles. Both the <a target="_blank" href="

iPad Sees Small Drop, Nook Tops Kindle Fire In New Tablet Traffic Rankings

Web traffic from the Apple iPad saw a slight drop in early June, according to new data from the <a target="_blank" href="">Chitika</a> Ad network, which analyzed a sample contai

B&N 8-K: Microsoft Paying $180M Advance On Nook For Windows 8, $125M For Content, Tech Acquisition

Microsoft <em>really</em> wants to make sure it can compete against Amazon and Apple in the e-books space -- and it's putting its money where its mouth is. In addition to the <a href="https://beta.tec

Microsoft Makes $300M Investment In New Barnes & Noble Subsidiary To Battle With Amazon And Apple In E-books

<a href="">Barnes & Noble has found a new, major partner</a> in its fight to get an edge over Amazon and Apple in the market

Fly Or Die: The Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight

It's a bit hard to officially review the Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight as it's almost exactly the same as the previous version but with one important improvement: it glows. Arguably, the <a HRE

The B&N Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight: Pre-Order Today For $139, Hits Stores In May

Barnes & Noble just announced its latest ereader: The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. It doesn't look any different from the previous model until you turn it on. That's when the magic happens. P

Barnes & Noble Incorporates In Germany, Closest Sign Yet Of European Nook Launch

Just as Amazon is launching a <a href="

Hack Makes Nook Touch E-Ink Display Almost As Responsive As LCD

As you probably know, bistable or passive displays like the E-Ink ones in <a href="">e-readers</a> focus on battery life and readability rather than color and

It’s On: 8GB Nook Tablet Takes Aim At Kindle Fire With $199 Price Tag

While initial reports pointed at a launch on February 22, Barnes & Noble has just taken to the wires to <a href="">offi

Barnes & Noble To Take On Amazon (Again) With A New 8GB Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble seemed pleasantly surprised when they announced their Nook Tablet “<a href="">e

Good DRM Makes Bad Neighbors: This Is The Content Protection Tipping Point

For people who have been doing just one thing for a long, long time, it's amazing how many content distributors get things so catastrophically wrong. These last few weeks brought us quite a few uni

Barnes & Noble Discounts, Gives Away NOOKs With 1-Year Subscriptions To NYT, PEOPLE

<a href="">Barnes & Noble</a> is now heavily discounting (and even giving away free) <a href="">NOOK</a> devices with digital subscript

Barnes & Noble Mulls Splitting Nook Business And Selling “Dead Tree” Publishing Company

Two bits of news crossed the wire this morning, neither of them good for traditional publishing. First, Barnes&Noble has <a HREF="

Barnes & Noble Reports Q2 Net Loss Of $6.6M, Says NOOK Is Now A $220 Million Business

<a href="">Barnes & Noble</a> this morning <a href="

The Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire Drop Test

I hate these kind of videos. There's enough waste in electronics that we don't need to destroy stuff that is in already perfect condition (hence our refusal to post those ridiculous Will It Blend vi

Review: The Nook Tablet Is A Real Android Slate In Ereader’s Clothing

In the mad rush to push out more and more Android slate products, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are like a calm port in the storm. Their devices are touted as <a href="

PC Hardware Makers Pulling Back On Tablet Manufacturing

<a HREF="">Digitimes</a>, quoting "sources from upstream supply chains," is stating that PC manufacturers like Dell, Acer, and HP are building fewer ta
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