Why edtech startups need to build for overlooked communities

The education world has been transformed thanks to the power of technology. But not all communities have been privy to the benefits; low-income students are still shut out of the edtech revolution. Th

Apple Pay now lets nonprofits take donations

Apple announced this morning that its payments service Apple Pay will now support the ability to make donations to nonprofits, starting today in the U.S. This includes both Apple Pay on the web, where

Classy raises $30 million to help nonprofits raise donations, make a greater impact

A San Diego startup called Classy has raised $30 million for software-as-a-service that helps nonprofits raise donations online, and keep supporters engaged in a good cause for the long run. Specifica

Amazon launches the Kindle Reading Fund to expand digital reading around the world

Amazon today announced a new program called the Kindle Reading Fund which is aimed at making digital books more easily available worldwide. The Fund will donate a number of Kindle e-readers, Fire tab

Flatiron School teams up with Re:Coded to help Syrian refugees learn to code

There are now more than 6.5 million scattered Syrian refugees throughout the world and many of them are left without any way to make a living as the war wages on in their home country. Iraqi NGO Re:Co

Three ways tech is reinventing a surprising sector

More than 1 million users. Sixteen billion monthly page views. Ninety-nine percent user engagement. If these sound like stats from tech companies, you’re right. Except these tech companies are nonpr

Microsoft Pledges To Provide Nonprofits With $1B Worth Of Its Cloud Computing Resources

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today announced that his company will donate $1 billion in Microsoft Cloud services to nonprofits over the course of the next three years. The plan is to support a total

Should On-Demand Startups Share More Data To Quell Legal Fears? Ron Conway, Fred Wilson Weigh In

As the technology business becomes more mainstream, tackling more legacy and non-tech problems, we're seeing the tech industry look for better ways to engage with the communities they are potentially

Y Combinator’s Giveffect Has Built A Shopify-Meets-Salesforce For Non-Profits

Non-profit startups have come into focus at Y Combinator in the last couple of years. And in an extension of that, the incubator is also backing companies that offer services to the wider non-prof

Harnessing Big Data For Social Good, YC-Backed Nonprofit Bayes Impact Launches

Andrew Jiang, Paul Duan and Eric Liu, the three founders of Y Combinator's latest nonprofit, Bayes Impact, aren't your typical entrepreneurs. The three data scientists had previously worked on some

What Google’s Favorite Bay Area Nonprofits Would Do With A $500K Grant

Yesterday, Google announced its finalists for the Bay Area Impact Challenge, its latest effort to assist nonprofits in the region through grants and support from Googlers willing to volunteer their ti

Groopt Revamps Its Collaboration Tools As It Shifts Focus To Nonprofits

Startup <a target="_blank" href="">Groopt</a> is hoping to become the platform that nonprofits use to both build their websites and communicate/collaborate with members. I actu

Google Launches YouTube Campaigns To Help Its 18K Nonprofit Partners Promote Their Goals

Over the years, YouTube has grown into way more than a place to upload cat videos. In a way, it's become a new breed of "television" that lets people interact with the things they care about. This cou Hits 10 Million Members, Now The “Fastest-Growing Social Action Platform On The Web”

<a href=""></a> launched in 2007 as a social networking site for non-profits. Today, the site looks quite a bit different and has morphed into a petition platform that w

Wikimedia draws flack for felon COO

Details recently emerged that Wikimedia interim COO Carolyn Doran was a felon responsible for a 2004 hit-and-run and multiple DUIs across various states. She also had prior thievery charges, was respo