Nomadic wants to bring VR you can feel to your local movie theater

On the outskirts of the Bay Area, my Lyft driver jokingly asked me if I wanted to leave him my number in case I didn’t return from where I was headed. I would soon be descending a set of stairs

Bag Week: The Nomadic WT-18 Wise-Walker Toto

Can true bag pleasure be had for $81? I think so. I’ve fallen in love with Nomadic brand bags over the years and I would like to tell you about the Nomadic WT-18 Wise Walker Toto, a Japanese bag

Bag Week: The Nomadic WT-18 Toto Bag And WL-25 Wise-Walker Backpack

I'm starting Bag Week off with two bags from one of my favorite manufacturers, Nomadic. This Japanese seller of quality bags makes their rucksacks out of rip-stop fabric and offers a certain stark, co

Bag Week Review: Nomadic WR-08 Wise-Walker Shoulder Bag

Next up during this year's <a HREF="">Bag Week</a> we have the oddly named but delightfully designed Wise-Walker from Nomadic. This Japanese import is a b