• Nokia announces the E71's little brother: E63

    This morning Nokia made the E63 official although we found out about it yesterday. Nothing too fancy compared to the E71, but it does come with Wi-Fi, 3.5G and a 2-megapixel camera for 199 Euro. Read the rest at MobileCrunch Read More

  • Nokia "Wahoo" half-QWERTY clamshell details leaked

    If anybody but theBoy Genius managed to scrounge this one up, I’m not sure if I’d believe it. From the details of the leak, it seems that Nokia is working on something they’re referring to internally as “Wahoo”, which looks to have been designed by taking a dash of BlackBerry Pearl Flip and throwing in a whole lot of Motorola RAZR. Nothing too groundbreaking… Read More

  • Nokia Comes With (Illegal) Music In Vietnam?

    Vietnam’s Recording Association of Vietnam (RIAV) has reportedly filed a $3 million lawsuit against FPT Telecom and Nokia Vietnam for violating intellectual property rights. RIAV, which represents 60 music production companies throughout Vietnam, is suing both companies over allegations of copyright infringement of recorded music. Earlier this month, RIAV said that it was going to initiate… Read More

  • Nokia E63 review units show up before it's even announced

    In a move that’s a bit removed from the standard procedure we’ve come to know from Nokia (and every other mobile company, for that matter), the Nokia E63 has made its first authorized debut by way of review units shipped out from Nokia’s WOM World blogger relations group. That’s right: the device hasn’t even been announced yet, and a few lucky bloggers out there… Read More

  • The Nokia Tube is alluring, not iPhone killer

    Last100 got their hands on a Nokia 5800 aka the Tube aka the one with the touchscreen and found it intuitive and responsive with plenty of media features. They were most excited about the new touch-enabled version S60, the phone’s Symbian-based OS. Read More

  • Nokia Debuts Friend View Beta, A Location-Aware Microblogging Application

    Fresh out of Nokia Beta Labs comes Friend View, an experimental location and micro-blogging service which works both on mobile phones as well as on the web. To show your location, the Friend View application is using the built-in GPS or the network if there is no signal available (you can also set your location manually). When you turn on Friend View, it locates you as an avatar on a map and… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Nokia 500 GPS with Bluetooth for $99 has what I consider to be a very intriguing deal on an affordable GPS system from Nokia. Inexpensive is one thing, but the $99 Nokia 500 has two features that make it worth looking at: Bluetooth for using your phone hands-free and an FM transmitter for playing music files loaded on an SD card over your car’s stereo system. Read More

  • Nokia Cuts 600 Jobs, Eyes Emerging Markets

    Finnish mobile giant Nokia has announced that it is trimming down its operations by cutting over 600 positions, mainly in marketing and sales departments. The Nokia Research Center (NRC), the business unit that explores and develops technologies that will be available in the marketplace in five to ten years, will also focus on fewer research areas from now on. In addition to the lay-offs, Nokia… Read More

  • EA announces a slew of impending N-Gage games

    If you’re part of the overlapping pool of people who like both Nokia’s N-Gage platform AND the mobile offerings from Electronic Arts, then here’s what to expect over the next year or so. EA has announced a handful of N-Gage games to be available for the holidays, along with a few more over the next 12 months. For the holidays: FIFA 09, Spore Origins, Monopoly Here & Now… Read More

  • In marketing, Obama is like Nokia while McCain is like Apple

    When you think about Barack Obama what words come to mind? Change? Hope? Socialism? What about John McCain? Maverick? Strength? Bush? Well, according to one market research firm, Synovate, Obama is to Nokia as McCain is to Apple. But of course! It goes like this: Obama’s campaign has focused on linking “his” issues—the economy, education, why the Iraq war was a waste… Read More

  • Nokia N79 clears the FCC

    The Nokia N79, which is essentially a 5 megapixel N78 revised with a keypad that doesn’t make your thumbs cry, has toughed its way through the FCC’s testing chambers. Toting North American 3G, GPS, WiFi, and Carl-Zeiss optics, the N79 is one nice little candybar. With the FCC hurdles out of the way and the handset prepped on the radio front, it’s not too hard to imagine a… Read More

  • Nokia finally showing signs of a coming Ovi Suite for Mac

    After Nokia announced their Ovi Suite for the PC, most Mac users felt left out in the cold. Sure, third-party solutions were available as alternatives on a function-by-function basis, but none challenged the simple one-stop, one-click syncing/media handling of Ovi. Looks like the Apple crowd might be getting the attention they’ve clamored for. On Monday, a “Macintosh Software… Read More

  • Nokia's viral campaign unlocked, is pretty pointless

    Remember that Nokia viral campaign we mentioned a few days ago? In that post, I said: The obvious bet would be something involving the phone shown in the countdown (the 7610 Supernova) – but that seems a bit anticlimactic, and makes the whole omniscient phone aspect kind of pointless. Turns out, it was pointless. The mystery product is the Nokia 7610, which was announced (with a launch… Read More

  • Nokia announcing something on October 13th

    Another day, another viral campaign. This time, the mystery fun is brought to us by Nokia. Visiting the page will playback a video outlining the woes of three people who have lost their phones, highlighting the idea that their phone “knows everything” about them. It then switch to the countdown shown above. They’ve even given all three of the video’s stars –… Read More

  • Firefox Mobile to be tested first on Nokia N810

    Next week should mark the alpha release of Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile web browser. Interestingly, it’ll first be available on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, according to PC Advisor. The alpha will be available for Windows Mobile devices over the next few months, as well. Mozilla’s interested in testing out the touchscreen interface and the plugin development, so it’s a… Read More

  • Review: Nokia E71

    [ I’ve been putting this one off for a while, but it’s time you youngsters learned about this lovely little device. It’s the latest in Nokia’s E series of smartphones, and as you will learn by clicking above and/or below, it’s a bit of a conundrum. By the way, that part of the video review is supposed to be boring. Read More

  • Heyyyy PAAAARTY PEOPLE OF BERLIN! OK HI! LET'S GO NOKIA 5800! WOOOP WOOOP! Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Demo Hey, man! Nice blue jeans! It’s time to dance, OK? Do you want to buy some E? My uncle he has a house in the sea and we can go there to rave on the weekend. OK! Hi! Your lady has beautiful eyes! Can you come with us to another club? OK! Yeah! This my… Read More

  • Nokia CEO: "I love the iPhone"

    Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, said to Reuters that Nokia is aiming it’s Finnish guns for the iPhone. Apple, said Kallasuvo, is now a major competitor on the world stage and has essentially done the industry a “favor.” Apple, in my opinion, has done everyone a favor. No longer will we consumers be satisfied with menu-driven phones with barnacle-like UI’s left over from… Read More

  • Nokia Tube: Quite svelte

    The new 5800 doesn’t look much like a tube but it is quite svelte. It’s smaller than the iPhone and even most touchscreen phones we’ve seen in a while. It’s most like the Palm Treo Pro in terms of size but it’s quite light. Read More

  • Nokia's Comes With Music on the 5800: Nokia's attempt to out-iTunes iTunes

    Nokia announced their Comes With Music program last month, a media download offering with backing from Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, EMI, and Universal Music Group. The system, along with the Nokia Music Store, has about 5 million tracks currently available and Nokia has announced the Music PC client for easy downloads. You can drag CDs into the application for immediate ripping. Comes With… Read More