• bags $6.1M to put users in the driving seat for sharing personal data bags $6.1M to put users in the driving seat for sharing personal data

    There is a lot of noise in the privacy space, says serial entrepreneur and founder Julian Ranger. And cutting through that noise is one of the big challenges he reckons stands in the way of his current startup. But the concept behind is so intriguing that you really have to hope the team manages to make themselves heard. Today the UK startup is announcing a £4.2… Read More

  • Barf-o-matic ‘Sonic Nausea’ device is just what I need

    I live on the top floor of a three-floor Brownstone. Behind my building and down at ground level is the driveway of a couple in their mid-thirties who have a boy who does nothing but scream at the top of his lungs and a girl who does nothing but cry about everything. These children seem to be outside on the driveway all… day… long. Oh, and they just got a basketball hoop, too. The parents… Read More

  • PS3 Makes Horrible, Awful Noise When Playing Games?

    Users are complaining that a number of PS3s are making an annoying, high pitched noise while playing games. They’ve narrowed down the problematic PS3s to those with serial numbers CE133212XXX or CE133190XXX. (Remember how the PSone always overheated during extended gaming sessions, or the “dirty disc error” that the PS2 throws at you all the time? I see a pattern of… Read More

  • Sennheiser PXC 450 Noise-Canceling Headphones

    I have a bit of a love affair with Sennheiser. Back in my gaming days I used a pair of HD-570s. They completely changed my game. As far as I know, Sennheisers are still the dominate headphones used amongst gamers. Sennheiser is showing off a new pair of noise-canceling headphones at CES that could be useful to gamers and commuters alike. In my demo of the product, I was impressed by how… Read More