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  • The Same Tech That Makes Your Bose Headphones So Quiet Could Give Net Speeds A Big Boost

    The Same Tech That Makes Your Bose Headphones So Quiet Could Give Net Speeds A Big Boost

    New research suggests that noise canceling tech isn’t just for blocking out the screaming baby or chatty couple sitting next to you on that transatlantic flight – it could also greatly improve the quality, reliability and speed of our Internet connections, according to new research published by Nature Photonics and spotted by VentureBeat. By eliminating background noise… Read More

  • Denon presents their first noise-cancelling headphones

    Today Denon announced [JP] they will start selling their first noise-cancelling headphones at the begining of August. The on-ear AH-NC732 will be available in black and silver. The headphones come with a frequency response of 5Hz-28,000Hz, an impedance of 40Ω and a maximum power input of 100mW. Denon claims noise will be cut by 99%. One AAA battery is needed for 40 hours of active noise… Read More

  • CrunchDeals Redux: RCA noise cancelling headphones now $2.99, shipped!

    When our own Doug brought us news of a pair of RCA HPNC250 noise cancelling headphones for $15, shipped, we featured it as a CrunchDeal. At $15, it’s a great bargain, the headphones work perfectly, I have a pair myself. But has given us an update, and you can now get them for $2.99 shipped if you’re a first-time Google Checkout customer. Even if you’re not… Read More

  • JVC Announces Noise Canceling Headphones

    With a box straight outta’ 1983, you can’t go wrong It’s Super Friday! You know what that means, folks. Time for really exciting gadgets! Today we have the JVC HA-NC250 headphones with “state-of-the-art” noise canceling features. How does JVC accomplish this feat?:
    The HA-NC250’s noise cancellation circuitry includes feedback technology that… Read More

  • Sony MDR-NC22 Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Review

    I recently got a chance to test Sony’s new noise canceling-earbuds, the MDR-NC22. I also asked my brother to give them a try as he’s a frequent flyer and has been using Sony’s first-generation MDR-NC10’s since 1999. They’ve held up pretty well for eight years and 1.2 million miles. So the bar was set high for these newbies. The verdict? Great! But with one… Read More