• Noca Takes On PayPal With New Credit Card Payments Offering

    Noca Takes On PayPal With New Credit Card Payments Offering

    You may remember Noca, a startup that wanted to disrupt the payments industry with a debit transaction product that promised low transaction fees for merchants. Today, the company is debuting its credit card offering, which aims to provide a secure, payments experience for both merchants and consumers. Here’s how it works. Consumers get to choose a PIN (called Noca PIN) at checkout… Read More

  • Is Noca The Next PayPal?

    Noca, an online payments start-up we wrote about last year, is launching its official payment service today. Formed by ex-Visa employees, Noca originally offered a micro-payments system via two Facebook applications, OneClickPay and HelpYourWorld. The company is now offering payment services for unlimited amounts. Currently, Noca has two clients; digital content provider and… Read More

  • Noca Targets Transaction Fees with New Online Payment System

    If you sell anything online, whether physical goods or services, you’re probably keenly aware of the 2-3% (plus $0.30) lost through transactional fees every time someone makes a purchase with their credit card. This fee rears its ugly head whether you use PayPal, Google Checkout, or Amazon Flexible Payment Service since those companies are largely just passing on the fees imposed on them… Read More