2016 is the new hottest year on record – how NASA takes the planet’s temperature

NASA announced on Wednesday that in 2016, Earth experienced the hottest surface temperatures in modern history. Separate, independent analysis at NOAA provided the same conclusion. This makes the thir

Moon photobombs the Earth in rare images captured by NASA

A NASA camera on board the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite captured a rare lunar transit across the face of a sunlit Earth. The images, which feature a fully lit far side of the moon

Europe Launches Sentinel-3A And The International Nature of Earth Observation

Yesterday at 12:57 pm EST, the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully launched the Sentinel-3A satellite into orbit. The Earth-observing satellite was launched by the Russian-made Rockot launcher 

Google Earth, Columbia University Map Seafloor Area Bigger Than North America

<img src="" class="shot2" /></img> Thursday marked <a href="" title="World Oceans Day page at

Is Gulf Seafood Safe To Eat? Feds' New Test Says Yes, Not Convincingly

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> More than 9,000 square miles of U.S. federal <a href="">Gulf waters</a> ar