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Apple-Google Antitrust Case Is Going To Trial, And It’s Steve Jobs’ Fault

"We must do whatever we can to stop cold calling each other's employees and other competitive recruiting efforts between the companies." This quote from Steve Jobs to Palm's CEO was central to a <a

Apple, Google, 5 Others To Be Denied Dismissal Of “No Poach” Conspiracy Case

7 of the world's most powerful tech companies have been accused of forming an antitrust conspiracy to suppress the compensation of their employees by entering into "no poach" agreements. <a href="http

Damning Evidence Emerges In Google-Apple “No Poach” Antitrust Lawsuit

Next week a class-action civil lawsuit will be heard in San Jose to determine if Google, Apple, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Adobe, Intel, and Intuit conspired to eliminate competition for skilled labor. In anti