• Nixon Watch Celebrates The Beastie Boys

    Back at Basel 2010 Nixon showed me a few cool watches I was excited to see. They later asked me to not write about them as they were not going to be released. OK, fine. More than a year later and the watches finally show up, Nixon and the partner seemed to work things out. What happened is that these limited edition watches were meant to be released along with the Beastie Boy’s new album. Read More

  • Maybe we can use *technology* to find out what Nixon's 18.5-minute gap was

    Years ago, Whittier Collge’s most famous graduate, President Richard Nixon, was discussing something in his office. His favorite aide, H.R. Haldeman, was there, too. What they were discussing, exactly, has become something of a legend in the former United States of America. You’ve heard of the 18.5-minute gap, yes? That’s what we’re concerned with today: what was… Read More

  • Nixon Ground Swell surf pack

    I’m in the market for a new surf pack and Nixon’s Ground Swell just might fit the bill. It’s only $70 and comes with a waterproof wetsuit pocket that can be accessed via a side zipper. The outer shell and zippers are also waterproof. I’m sure I can stuff a shortie in there, but what about my 4/3 wetty? Nixon via Uncrate Read More

  • Nixon watch has Tetris, Pong built in

    It’s part watch, part Tetris and *all entertainment*. It’s a Nixon-inspired watch with a built-in version of Tetris and Pong. (Funny, that’s the second Tetris post today… there must be some sort of conspiracy. Or maybe I’m just a tool. It could well be that.) It’s designed by this lass and I wish I had one right now. Tetris & Pong Forever [Yanko Design] Read More

  • Limited-edition Nixon Lowdown SS

    Next to Duke Kahanamoku, Jack’s Surfboards is the name in surfing. Jack’s is turning 50 this year and to celebrate this grand occasion, Nixon has released a limited-edition Lowdown dubbed the “SS” featuring a gold-plated case and buckle custom engraved with “Jack’s Surfboards 50th Anniversary” on the caseback. Check out Jack’s for the… Read More