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From the ashes of nearly a billion dollars, Ample resurrects Better Place’s battery swapping business model

A little over 13 years ago, Shai Agassi, a promising software executive who was in line to succeed the chief executive at SAP, then one of the world’s mightiest software companies, left the comp

Nissan stakes its EV future on the 300-mile-range Ariya crossover

Nissan unveiled today the Ariya, an all-electric SUV with an estimated 300 miles of range and a starting price tag of $40,000 that marks the beginning of a four-year plan aiming for growth and profita

Vaya Africa launches electric ride-hail taxi network

Vaya Africa, a ride-hail mobility venture founded by Zimbabwean mogul Strive Masiyiwa, has launched an electric taxi service and charging network in Zimbabwe with plans to expand across the continent.

The future of flight can be energy-efficient

Can eVTOL vehicles be green? Specifically, can eVTOL vehicles be more energy-efficient than cars?

Nissan and EVgo to add 200 fast chargers as more electric vehicles hit US roads

Nissan and EVgo said Tuesday they will install another 200 DC fast chargers in the United States to support the growing number of consumers who are buying electric vehicles, including the new Nissan L

Nissan’s new Leaf e+ is packing more than just 226 miles of range

Electric vehicle competition is heating up and it’s pushing some of the first entrants to add range and other features in hopes of keeping up with automakers that are just bringing EVs to the ma

The 2019 BMW i3 now has 153 miles of range thanks to a bigger battery

The BMW i3 is getting an upgraded battery — plus a bunch of other improvements —that will give the 2019 model about 153 miles of range. That’s roughly a 30% improvement from the previous mod

How fast is fast charging?

EVgo announced this month that it has broken ground on what will be the first public DC fast charging station, capable of up to 350 kw, in California — more powerful even than current charging c

Automakers aren’t really advertising electric vehicles

There are more plug-in vehicles available now than there were a decade ago, and the sales of those vehicles are growing. Sales of electric vehicles are up about a third this year over last year, and N

Nissan’s working BladeGlider sport EV prototype calls to car lovers

Nissan is bringing a working version of the BladeGlider all-electric sport concept it first revealed in 2013 to Rio to ride the hype wave of the Olympics. The car is cool enough to merit hype in its o

Nissan says EV chargers will outnumber gas stations in the UK by 2020

A new study by car maker Nissan predicts the U.K. will have more electric vehicle charging locations than gas stations by 2020. It’s a bold prediction to estimate that EV chargers will outnumber

Batteries and all, EVs are greener than gasoline

Electric vehicles come out of the gate with green cred. They don’t even have tailpipes because they don’t have any emissions while they’re driving. But do EVs deserve their goody-too

GenZe 2.0 electric scooter brings electric power to the people

Mahindra, the India-based manufacturing giant, wants to offer more people the chance at a cleaner commute. The GenZe 2.0 electric scooter carries one person, a couple big bags of groceries, and a pric

New Nissan Leaf Models Will Feature Wireless Charging And Other Electrical Advances

We like the <a href="">Leaf</a>. It's not a good choice for everyone, but it's a great second car or city car, set back the most perhaps by the tro

CEATEC 2011: Nissan Showcases “Smart House Of The Future”

Next-generation homes are definitely one of the big trends at the <a href="">CEATEC 2011</a> exhibition that currently takes place in Chiba, Japan. We have covered multip

Nissan Leaf Companion App Is Now Available For Android, BlackBerry

Nissan Leaf owners, take note. The Leaf companion app is now available in both Android and BlackBerry flavors. These smartphone apps follow the steps of the iOS version that launched alongside the Lea

Nissan Adds New Features To The Leaf For 2012 Including A Higher Price

Consumers have spoken and Nissan has listened. The 2012 Nissan Leaf will now pack more standard features -- and a noticeably higher price. Starting July 25 the second model year Leaf will be available

Nissan And 4R Testing New Solar EV Charging Stations

<img src="">Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and 4R Energy Corporation announced today that the two companies have developed and installed a new EV

The Nissan Leaf Review: A Fun And Practical Electric Car For The Masses

If the road is smooth enough, you can hear birds chirping while you’re going 35 mph. With the windows up. The Nissan Leaf is that quiet. When going less than 30 mph there’s just a slight e

A Simple Look At The Simple Nissan Leaf iOS App

I’m a few days into my week with the Nissan Leaf. It’s a fun car; I can say that much so far. My plan later today is to test the range by driving in increasingly smaller circles around my
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