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  • How fast is fast charging?

    How fast is fast charging?

    EVgo announced this month that it has broken ground on what will be the first public DC fast charging station, capable of up to 350 kw, in California — more powerful even than current charging champs Tesla Superchargers. The EVgo station will be ready to charge up near the World’s Tallest Thermometer (yup) in Baker, California, this summer. This begs the questions: How fast are… Read More

  • Automakers aren’t really advertising electric vehicles

    Automakers aren’t really advertising electric vehicles

    There are more plug-in vehicles available now than there were a decade ago, and the sales of those vehicles are growing. Sales of electric vehicles are up about a third this year over last year, and November 2016 marked 14 consecutive months of record-setting EV sales in the U.S. And yet the grand total of all plug-in vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2016 (not counting December) was just shy… Read More

  • Nissan’s working BladeGlider sport EV prototype calls to car lovers

    Nissan’s working BladeGlider sport EV prototype calls to car lovers

    Nissan is bringing a working version of the BladeGlider all-electric sport concept it first revealed in 2013 to Rio to ride the hype wave of the Olympics. The car is cool enough to merit hype in its own right, as a performance-engineered zero emission EV from a company that typically stays in the more conservative end of the market with staid offerings like the Nissan Leaf. Read More

  • Nissan says EV chargers will outnumber gas stations in the UK by 2020

    Nissan says EV chargers will outnumber gas stations in the UK by 2020

    A new study by car maker Nissan predicts the U.K. will have more electric vehicle charging locations than gas stations by 2020. It’s a bold prediction to estimate that EV chargers will outnumber places to gas up in just four short years, but Nissan is counting on both a continued decline in the number of operational gas stations, as well as new charge points coming online. The attrition… Read More

  • Batteries and all, EVs are greener than gasoline

    Batteries and all, EVs are greener than gasoline

    Electric vehicles come out of the gate with green cred. They don’t even have tailpipes because they don’t have any emissions while they’re driving. But do EVs deserve their goody-too-green rep? A report from the Union of Concerned Scientists says they do indeed. Even if you take into account the battery, the manufacturing process and even the recycling and disposal process… Read More

  • GenZe 2.0 electric scooter brings electric power to the people

    GenZe 2.0 electric scooter brings electric power to the people

    Mahindra, the India-based manufacturing giant, wants to offer more people the chance at a cleaner commute. The GenZe 2.0 electric scooter carries one person, a couple big bags of groceries, and a price tag of just $3,000. As a former scooter commuter myself (on a 50-cc gasoline-powered bike), I was eager to take the GenZe 2.0 on a weekend-long test drive. Electric vehicles have a lot of… Read More

  • New Nissan Leaf Models Will Feature Wireless Charging And Other Electrical Advances

    New Nissan Leaf Models Will Feature Wireless Charging And Other Electrical Advances

    We like the Leaf. It’s not a good choice for everyone, but it’s a great second car or city car, set back the most perhaps by the trouble one has to take in charging it. At home you are advised to spring for a high-capacity outlet, and abroad you must plan your trips to coincide with existing charge points. Anything that can make adding power to these cars easier will increase… Read More

  • CEATEC 2011: Nissan Showcases “Smart House Of The Future”

    CEATEC 2011: Nissan Showcases “Smart House Of The Future”

    Next-generation homes are definitely one of the big trends at the CEATEC 2011 exhibition that currently takes place in Chiba, Japan. We have covered multiple “smart home” concepts from various Japan companies over the last years, and at CEATEC, Nissan’s so-called NSH-2012 Smart House of the Future is stealing the show. It’s not a typical home but rather a simple… Read More

  • Nissan Leaf Companion App Is Now Available For Android, BlackBerry

    Nissan Leaf Companion App Is Now Available For Android, BlackBerry

    Nissan Leaf owners, take note. The Leaf companion app is now available in both Android and BlackBerry flavors. These smartphone apps follow the steps of the iOS version that launched alongside the Leaf earlier this year. All the key features are here: battery level meter, charging schedule, estimated range, and climate control functions. The apps themselves are free to download, owning a Leaf… Read More

  • Nissan Adds New Features To The Leaf For 2012 Including A Higher Price

    Nissan Adds New Features To The Leaf For 2012 Including A Higher Price

    Consumers have spoken and Nissan has listened. The 2012 Nissan Leaf will now pack more standard features — and a noticeably higher price. Starting July 25 the second model year Leaf will be available for order in the Southeastern United States and Illinois. Consumers with existing reservations have first dibs, though. That is if those consumers are still on board after they see the… Read More

  • Nissan And 4R Testing New Solar EV Charging Stations

    Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and 4R Energy Corporation announced today that the two companies have developed and installed a new EV charging solution that combines renewable solar energy and high capacity lithium-ion batteries. The system was recently installed for testing at Nissan’s global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. The system uses the solar cells to collect the energy and a large… Read More

  • The Nissan Leaf Review: A Fun And Practical Electric Car For The Masses

    If the road is smooth enough, you can hear birds chirping while you’re going 35 mph. With the windows up. The Nissan Leaf is that quiet. When going less than 30 mph there’s just a slight electric whine from the powertrain and above 45 mph the wheels produces a steady hum. But there’s this special spot between 30 and 45 where the two combine in a way that they cancel each… Read More

  • A Simple Look At The Simple Nissan Leaf iOS App

    I’m a few days into my week with the Nissan Leaf. It’s a fun car; I can say that much so far. My plan later today is to test the range by driving in increasingly smaller circles around my house until the battery is nearly depleted. A full review is coming next week, but until then, here’s a quick look at the simple Leaf iOS owner’s app. Nissan launched the iOS app… Read More

  • First Person Admits Running Out Of Juice In An Electric Car

    Poor Kelangst: he or she is the first person ever in the whole world to announce that they’ve depleted their Nissan Leaf’s batteries, a problem bolstered by the fact that some range calculations for the Leaf are inaccurate until you’ve driven the car a few hundred miles. The post, in which Kelangst writes “Part of me is amused that I may go down in history as the… Read More

  • Will CODA Pull A Tesla? Electric Vehicle Makers Raise Another $76 Million

    CODA Holdings (or CODA Automotive) the Santa Monica, Calif. company that plans to sell all-electric sedans in the U.S. this year, raised another $76 million according to a company statement today. The company’s total equity funding, with this round, reached about $200 million. CODA’s new backers include Harbinger Capital Partners and Riverstone Holdings, who were joined by… Read More

  • Nissan Leaf's Window Sticker Boasts 99MPGe

    While I’m sure the guys at Nissan were crossing their fingers, hoping for a 100MPGe rating, the EPA either had other ideas, or didn’t plan for three-digit numbers on their window stickers. Maybe the new ones will change that, but for now the poor Leaf is stuck with a paltry 99MPGe rating. Wait, that’s pretty good. Read More

  • Believe It Or Not: Plug In America's Electric Vehicle Hype Campaign

    Here comes another spoof on the Mac vs. PC ad campaign, this one promoting electric vehicles over combustion engines. Plug In America, an advocacy organization that wants to reduce the United States’ dependence on petroleum, created the electric vehicle hype spots and calls them public service announcements. The first of the seven PSAs include talent from the film Who Killed The… Read More

  • The Chevy Volt Is GM's Knight In Gleaming Chrome And White Plastic

    One thing is clear to me now: GM gets it. Government Motors now understands the importance of cutting edge technology. They understand rapid development processes. But most importantly, the once largest auto maker understands the future. If only they had “gotten it” back at the turn of the century, they wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in now. I recently spent some time at… Read More

  • By The Numbers: Chevy Volt vs Nissan Leaf

    It’s hard to ignore the looming EV vehicle showdown between the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf even though the vehicles are totally different in nature and target market. While the Nissan Leaf is simply a beautifully-packaged electric vehicle with around a 100 mile range, the Chevy Volt takes a different approach by having a somewhat limited 40 mile EV range but an on-board… Read More

  • Hawaii to get Nissan Leaf early (because they're eco-friendly there (and it's an island))

    Nissan has decided that Hawaii will be in the first wave of Leaf-enabled states. They say (truthfully, I think) that it’s because of Hawaii’s commitment to green power and all that. Yes, very good. Lots of solar. But, as Treehugger notes, Hawaii is also a rather small island where the range limits of the Leaf won’t really be apparent during the critical launch period. Read More