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  • Nippon Oil and Hitachi aim at mass-producing microbe-derived biofuel

    Major Japanese oil wholesaler Nippon Oil and Hitachi subsidiary Hitachi Plant Technologies are developing a technology that’s supposed to make it possible to mass-produce eco-friendly jet fuel from Euglena, single-celled organisms that live in ponds and lakes. To be more exact, both companies are cooperating with and acquired shares in a Tokyo-based venture called Euglena, Inc., which… Read More

  • Auriga Leader: Japan launches first solar cargo ship

    The world’s first large ship to partly use solar energy to help power engine-related devices took to the seas on Friday in Kobe, central Japan. The Auriga Leader, a car freighter jointly developed by Nippon Yusen (Japan’s largest shipping company) and Nippon Oil, has 328 solar panels on board, that produce 40 kilowatts of power. This is enough to generate about 0.3% of the… Read More