Nintendo DS

Nintendo holding press conference tomorrow, revealing new DS?

MCV out of the UK and Bloomberg are both reporting that Nintendo President Saturo Iwata will announce a new DS along with Wii accessories at a press conference in Japan tomorrow. But don’t expec

And Nintendo's response to the DS rumor is?

What does Nintendo have to say [JP] about the DS rumor that’s been floating around since the weekend? We are always developing new products. However, since nothing has been announced officially,

Daft Punk + Nintendo DS + More = Musical magic

If you’re a fan of the Nintendo DS, Daft Punk, synthesizers, papier mache, Adobe After Effects, and the theremin, then boy oh boy do I have a video for you. Here’s a guy doing a cover of D

UK to get special Christmas Nintendo DS Lite bundles, we get coal

I sure hope Nintendo is bringing out these Christmas bundles to clear the channels of remaining stock for the rumored dual touchscreen DS that’s coming out in 2009. Nevertheless, all DS Lite bundles

Guy hacks Nintendo DS to work with his DSLR

Wow, this is a pretty cool setup right here. A professional photographer was sick of lugging his laptop around to photo shoots, so he rigged up his Nintendo DS and custom-coded some software to do the

Samurai Weapon: Awesome blog destroyer widget

Video game publisher Koei has released a very cool "interactive" widget (see below) featuring a Samurai you don’t want to mess with. The site, where you can download the widget from, w

Japanese DS owners get full-length anime movies, all others don't

Japanese Nintendo fans are able to download digital manga on their Wii and their DS for a few weeks now. The DS service, called DSvision [JP], requires a special hardware add-on to view episodes of Ja

Coming to America: Pokémon edition Nintendo DS

The limited edition Nintendo DS featuring Pokémon characters will be making a stateside release. The black DS was exclusive to Japan for a while, but will “soon” be headed to your local retail es

Nintendo sues makers of DS hacking hardware

The modding issue has always been a touchy one. In case you’re not aware of it, there are available for almost every game console or handheld a number of hardware-based hacks that allow one to p

Video: Dragonball DS trailer

It’s all in Japanese, but you only need to see the actual gameplay footage to figure out whether or not you’ll be shelling out the dough for this game from Namco Bandai. It launches in Jap

Britain looks to ban Revolution for DS ‘homebrew’ card

You know those DS cards that are ostensibly used for software development or “homebrew,” but are really used to pirate games left, right and center? Yeah, the Brits have just figured that out, and

Video: Chrono Trigger Nintendo DS trailer This is th

Play your Nintendo DS like a Jedi with a Lightsaber Stylus

Nintendo and Lucas Arts are releasing Lightsaber Stylus for the DS at the end of July. Star Wars fans will be able to buy a two pack featuring light up lightsapbers ($16.99) or a three pack of boring

Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS: What's a shorter way to say ‘Oh God Yes!’?

So… Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS, anyone? Right now, all that’s there is the clock from the game’s title sequence alongside the Nintendo DS logo, but that’s enough to get

With the new App Store, can the iPhone take on the Nintendo DS?

Flickr’d Wild speculation today from Forbes, which believes that, with the upcoming App Store, the iPhone can mount a serious challenge against the Nintendo DS. It’s a common thesis, one t

Tip #2: Have a place for everything

We all love our gadgets, but that love can sometimes lead to a mess of wires and lost time looking for chargers. If you find yourself with this dilemma, it might be a good idea to buy docking stations

Video: Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS is jaw-dropping This is a joke, right? I’m not even talking about the d-bag singing in the background. I was wondering how this would work on the DS and n

Nintendo Japan starts new wireless data service for the DS

Nintendo started testing a new wireless data distribution service using DS consoles today. The company partnered up with a subsidiary of Japanese telecommunications powerhouse NTT and McDonald’s

Protein[DS]: Now your DS is sorta like a turntable! Crazy!

Another touchscreen DJ thing to point out, this time for the Nintendo DS. It’s called Protein[DS] and will apparently be released for your homebrew pleasure in a couple days. I think it’s

Give your Nintendo DS a new home

If you have a Nintendo DS and are always losing the tiny charger, then this large charging dock is just what you need. With this 17 dollar bad boy sitting on your desk, you will never have a reason to
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