Nintendo DS

  • Should publishers even bother with ‘mature’ video games on the Nintendo DS?

    Do mature-themed video games have any place on the Nintendo DS? Not to say whether or not they should be allowed, obviously, but whether or not it makes any sense for a publisher to release a game for the system, given its reputation as a “kiddie” platform. Case in point: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which sold only 82,000 copies in March. (It was released on March 18, so it… Read More

  • Ranger GPS unit for your Nintendo DS

    Ranger China just announced their new product, the Ranger GPS for the Nintendo DS. An impressive product, but poorly timed given the fact that the GBA cartridge slot has gone away. Of course, maybe they are planning on selling to all those millions of people out there who still have the older DS Lite. Read More

  • EA founder Trip Hawkins says iPhone causing Sony, Nintendo to ‘freak out’

    Trip Hawkins founded Electronic Arts in 1982. Then he left. In 2003 he started a new game development company called Digital Chocolate. In 2009 Hawkins finally realized that the iPhone is useful to game developers, so much so that Nintendo (DS) and Sony (PSP) are “freaking out.” Well! Read More

  • Wherein we discuss Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

    Odds are you’ve already played Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Perhaps you haven’t opened the box, popped out the game card and moved your Nintendo DS’ Power switch to “on,” per se, but trust me: you’ve played the game. And depending on your point of view, your attitude toward the GTA franchise, that may or may not be a bad thing. Read More

  • Leaked Pokémon Platinum ROM has a nice surprise

    Nintendo’s Pokémon Platinum for the DS isn’t due for a NA release until the 22nd, but a ROM leaked out earlier that has an unexpected, but hilarious outcome. Thanks for the tip, David! Read More

  • Video: Here's the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

    Yes, that’s Ghostface rapping in this, the first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Like all good trailers, there’s minimal actual gameplay shown, but worry not! Rockstar has also launched the game’s official site today, and there’s more footage of actual, true-to-life gameplay for your to view. Read More

  • Sony has sold 50 million PSPs so far (to 96 million Nintendo DSs)

    There’s not a damn thing I can add vis-à-vis the PSP’s performance to what Mr. Joel Johnson, OBE, wrote the other day, so good on him. I will, however, note that Sony is blaring its victory trumpets today. Why is that? It seems Sony has sold a whopping 50 million PSPs, worldwide, since its December, 2004 launch in Japan. That’s as of January, 2009, too, so the actual number… Read More

  • Contest: Win one of two Penguin United 24X DS Gaming Pouches

    The folks at Penguin United were generous enough to donate a couple PU 24X DS Gaming Pouches for us to give away. As my collection of DS games continues to grow by the day I’ve been running out of places to store them, so these pouches couldn’t have come at a better time. They store up to 24 games in transparent sleeves that remind me of the ones I used to store my Marvel… Read More

  • Nintendo DS Lite Onyx discontinued, other models to join it soon?

    The next-gen Nintendo DSi is already for sale in Japan and American gamers should get access to it within the coming months. It seems that The DS Lite Onyx might be the first of the current generation to get that axe. This comes from an internal GameStop newsletter and begs the question if other models will soon join this model. Read More

  • Guess who played Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars at the weekend?

    Rockstar had Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on display at the New York Comicon at the weekend. (Expect a video of the show itself sometime tomorrow; please note that editing video on a plain ol’ MacBook is stupid.) The guys at Rockstar gave us (well, me) a thorough overview of the Nintendo DS game inside a delivery van on the show floor. Sorta weird, yes. It’s hard to top… Read More

  • Book-like Nintendo DS to get, you guessed it, books

    Turn the Nintendo DS sideways and then open it. It’s like a book! ROFL!!! They should totally make it so you could read books on it, but they should only make 100 books available at first and it should only be available in Britain– like so. Read More

  • Watch out for fake Nintendos this Christmas

    Fake Nintendo DS and DS Lite game consoles are being seized by British customs. Potentially dangerous power adapters that do not meet stringent British power standards are cited as a potential source of serious injury. These products are being purchased from websites based in Asia at a 50 percent discount. So this holiday season if you are going to buy a DS and a website is offering it for a… Read More

  • Aekard 2i: Nintendo DSi now has a working ‘homebrew’ cart

    The Nintendo DS Lite has already been hacked to pieces, meaning that you can buy one of those shady flash carts and load all the ROMs on there you want. The DSi, however, had been incompatible with those same cards… until now! Yes, the Aekard 2i, which comes from a long pedigree of of such cards, is now fully compatible with the DSi. In short, you copy over a bunch of files—games… Read More

  • Overclock your DS lite with this custom case

    One thing I’ve found when playing emulated NES, SNES, and GBA games is that many of them are incredibly long, and for no good reason. For example: Dragon Warrior. Great game. Unfortunately, the slow movement speed and slow battle dialogues make the game about twice as long as it should be. My solution? Run the emulator at 200% speed. I was looking forward to getting a DS and playing… Read More

  • Nintendo Points will not be transferrable from Wii to DSi, vice versa

    When the DSi was launched last week, Nintendo rebranded Wii points to Nintendo points to try and give a sense of synergy between the two systems. Sounds good in theory, but you may or may not have noticed that Nintendo will not allow you to transfer points between the two systems. It wasn’t something I thought about until I just came across it and thought I’d share. But it… Read More

  • Nintendo DSi software is region locked

    In case you were wondering. “DSi software (software that is only compatible with DSi) is region locked, eg: European DSi software can only be played on European DSi consoles,” a Nintendo spokesperson has told CVG. “Nintendo DS software however is region free so you can play any DS software on DSi from any region. You can also browse the Internet on your DSi wherever you are… Read More

  • The iPhone is not the center of the universe, Nintendo DSi not competing with it

    In an interview with Nikkei, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata explicitly stated that the DSi was not going after the iPhone. Why Iwata felt the need to clarify this is unclear based on the excerpt the Edge published, but I’d go out on a limb and say the Nikkei reporter asked the question. “We wanted users to have the device on them at all times,” he stated. “By… Read More

  • Nintendo pedometer to be used in Your Life Rhythm, a walking ‘game’

    Not only is that Nintendo pedometer 100 percent real, but we now know what it’s used for: a lame game. Let that sink in. Your Life Rhythm for the Nintendo DS is a walking game. Yup, you use the Nintendo-made pedometer to track your walking activities. Very, very exciting. Remember when Nintendo used to make fun video games? Read More

  • Nintendo announces the DSi – and Punch Out!

    The DSi is 2.6mm thinner than the DS. The GBA slot has been axed. Screens are 17 percent larger, 3.25-inches. VGA camera. Music playback. SD slot allows you to transfer images to the Wii Photo Channel. Onboard memory. A DSi store will be launched to download content via Wi-Fi. You can use your Wii points, which is now being called Nintendo Points. Built-in Web browser. November 1 launch in… Read More

  • Nintendo holding press conference tomorrow, revealing new DS?

    MCV out of the UK and Bloomberg are both reporting that Nintendo President Saturo Iwata will announce a new DS along with Wii accessories at a press conference in Japan tomorrow. But don’t expect a price cut says Takashi Oka, a senior analyst at CSK Institute for Sustainability: “Nintendo has no need to cut the Wii’s price,” said Takashi Oka, a senior analyst at… Read More