• Thanko's USB Ninja Gloves Warm Your Hands

    Are you suffering from cold hands while using your computer? You don’t think heated, USB-powered gloves are a dumb idea? Then Thanko’s so-called “Ninja Gloves” [JP] might be the right solution for you. Read More

  • Of Course Steve Jobs Was Detained For Carrying Ninja Stars

    Just when you thought Apple CEO Steve Jobs couldn’t get more badass? According to SPA!, Bloomberg and about 10,000 nerds on Twitter, Jobs was stopped at the Kansai International Airport near Osaka in July for carrying, yes, ninja stars. It just makes so much sense! I mean let’s say you’re Steve Jobs, you have your own private plane, you’re in Japan and you’re also… Read More

  • Kunai: New USB Ninja tool

    A kunai is a tool the ancient Ninja used to gouge holes in walls and to kill off people. Now, thanks to Tokyo-based gadget maker Solid Alliance, you can have one of these things [JP], too, if only as a USB memory stick. This is the same company that released the USB Ninja star shuriken back in May. Read More

  • USB Ninja Star Shuriken transforms geeks into killing machines

    Are you a geek? Do you like Martial Arts movies? Have you ever secretly dreamed of being a Ninja? Are you not afraid of embarassing yourself, like, ever? Then Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Solid Alliance (which strives to become a Thanko competitor) has something unique for you: A shuriken [JP] (ninja star) for your USB port. Read More