ninja gaiden

  • Zero Punctuation on Ninja Gaiden 2 I won’t spoil his closing image but how many of us had Thundercats bedspreads? Most of us, right? He’s making fun of us&hellip… Read More

  • Ninja Gaiden for DS shuriken make people excited

    I’ll start off by half-apologizing for that headline but these Ninja Gaiden games don’t come out all that often so I gotta strike while the iron’s hot. Anyhoo, ‘Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword’ is out today and it’s gotten some pretty good reviews from the big gaming sites. The gameplay features a top-down isometric view of the action along with stylus-heavy… Read More

  • Day of the Ninja! Ninja Gaiden II will destroy you, the world, potentially your parents Video might be touchy. Let me know if you have problems. Tecmo just released first videos of the new Ninja Gaiden game for the 360. In it Ryu deals out justice with his fists of fury, kills enemies, and calls Amex when he finds out someone charged something from “Turkish mirrors online” to his credit card and he… Read More