Nima launches food sensor to detect peanuts

I’m deathly allergic to nuts, so I felt super excited when I heard about the Nima peanut sensor. I’ve ended up in the emergency room numerous times because there were nuts in something I t

Nima announces a $289 portable peanut allergy tester

Peanut allergy is common and now there’s a new way to detect if a food substance contains the ingredient. Nima’s Peanut is a small, self-contained unit used to detect peanuts. And like Ni

Consumer-oriented investors may have an edge investing in digital health

Like most consumers, I continue to be frustrated by what feels like the slow progress of innovation in the traditional healthcare system. And yet, I’m eternally optimistic about the early-stage inno

Nima, the portable gluten tester, is now available for purchase

Trying to avoid gluten for medical or personal reasons? Nima can help and it’s now available for purchase for $279. This little device detects even trace amount of gluten in minutes. Just stick

6SensorLabs raises a $9.2 million Series A to expand its line of food allergy testers

The Nima was the hit of CES 2016. As a tiny gluten tester, it won our Hardware Battlefield and made an impression on the tech press. And the company today is announcing it has raised a $9.2 million ro

And The Winner Of Hardware Battlefield 2016 Is… Nima By 6SensorLabs

The competition was very fierce for the third edition of our Hardware Battlefield. 14 shockingly good hardware startups competed to win the coveted Metal Man trophy. These companies had a very special