Nikon Makes The D3100 DSLR Official: $700, 14 Megapixels, Improved Video

<img src="" />If you've been following the rumors about the Nikon D3100, you pretty much know all there is to k

The Nikon Coolpix S1100pj Digital Camera Keeps The Embedded Pico Projector But Makes It Useful

Nikon broke the stale mold generally used in digital cameras with the Coolpix S1000pj projector camera last year. Instead of having just a boring lens and LCD screen, this bad boy comes with a front-f

The Nikon Coolpix S5100 Is A Low-Cost Pocket Cam

Pocket cams are just getting better and better. The just-announced Nikon Coolpix S5100 seems as loaded as anyone could want. Inside the sleek casing is a 12.2MP senor, 4-way VR lens, a 720p@30 movie m

Nikon Coolpix Projector-Camera Also Leaked

The German magazine that leaked the D3100 info also spilled on two of the new Coolpix models. The Coolpix S1100pj apparently will have a projector, touchscreen, remote control, and “several othe

Are These The Specs For The Upcoming Nikon D3100? Hopefully

<img src="">Rumors have been flying <a href="

Take A Sneak Peek At Nikon's EVIL Patent

Not to be outdone by the other camera manufacturers, Nikon has been working on an EVIL camera (Canon is already evil, so they haven’t come out with one yet), and we’re finally getting a pe

Official Nikon D3100 Announcement Expected August 19th

We’re expecting to get official word on the D3100 next month; Nikon is currently planning a press event the week of August 16th-20th in Europe, which is pretty typical. It’s expected that

Replica Nikon Lens Mug Now Available

No idea if this is an actual licensed product, but it certainly looks cool. I’ll admit, when then the Canon mugs came out last winter I was jealous. I’m not a Canon guy, so I just resigned

CrunchRumors: Nikon D90 replacement specs

This is strictly a rumor at this point, but the replacement for the D90 is looking interesting. Nikon Rumors got a whisper of the basic stats, and here’s what we’ve got: 16MP DX Sensor Noi

CrunchRumor: Nikon's new entry level camera will be called the D3100

<img src="" />We're calling this one a rumor, but it's pretty much confirmed. <a href="">Nikon</a> is

Retailers pulling Nikon D90s to prepare for new model? Update: Confirmed

The D90, Nikon’s popular and versatile enthusiast DSLR, may be approaching the end of its lifespan. It was leaked in August of 2008 and has been a solid contender ever since, despite having some

The Nikon Camera Lens coffee mug is finally here

Nikon diehards were no doubt a tad jealous when the Canon coffee mug broke cover earlier this year. But their wait is over. A preoder just went up on ebay for 8 Nikon lens mugs, although the buyers wi

Lens pr0n: The Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 fisheye monster

<img src="">You really don't need to know anything about the lens to appreciate it. It's eff'n gorgeous. has you covered j

Nikon D4x concept looks boxy, unlikely

<img src="" /><a href="">Nikon's</a> next generation D4x should be arriving in the next year or

Nikon patents strange LCD screen

<img src="" />Patents are always so much fun, and such a source of random speculation. Take for example this new LCD dis

JOBO announces updated two new photoGPS models

<img src="" /><a href="">Geotagging</a> is pretty popular these days, but for the most pa

Rumor: new Nikon DSLRs incoming?

<img src="" />New Nikon DSLRs... that wouldn't be much of a rumor — of <em>course</em> they're coming. But this rumor has specs! Thi

DIY: Nikon IR remote in a Lego

<img src="" alt="" title="LEGO-Nikon-IR-Remote" width="275" height="267" class="alignright size-full wp-image-152647" />Her

Nikon developing a Canon G11 rival?

<img src="">The <a href="">Canon </a>PowerShot G series have always been one of the best compact shoot

Nikon's lens rebate program starting on the 28th

<img src="" />Get that wallet ready, Nikon's annual instant rebate program is starting on the 28th. Pretty much always a good deal, Nik
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