Nikon Working On Combo Manual-Electronic Zoom For Its Lenses

<img src="" />This is kind of a cool technology Nikon is patenting here. I personally like to do the manual zoom thing wh

Nikon Gives You A Chance To Shoot With A Nat Geo Photographer

<img src="" />This would be one of those "once in a lifetime" opportunities. Nikon has announced a contest that will allow an aspiring

The Luddite's Gift Guide

<img src="">With all the hur-de-hur about technological gadgets on these very pages, I submit to you that there is one subset of t

Nikon Coolpix P7000 Firmware 1.1 Update Fixes Issues

<img src="" />Nikon released a firmware update for the P7000 yesterday, fixing many of the problems that came up in the review. Most i

Review: Nikon Coolpix P7000

Short Version: It’s no secret that I love photography. I’m also very attached to my DSLR. I rarely leave the house without it and consider it to be an important part of my life. That being

500MB/s Transfer Speed, 2TB Storage: Sony, Nikon, SanDisk Propose New Memory Card Standard

<img src="" /> It's time for a new standard for memory cards - according to Sony, Nikon and chip maker SanDisk. The three companies

My Picturetown 3D: Nikon's 3D Image Conversion Service For Photo Frames

<img src="" /> Nikon Japan is <a href="">planning</a> [JP] to offer an onl

Nikon Expands My PictureTown Sharing Service

<img src="" />Nikon's MyPictureTown service has been running for a while now, but it still hasn't pulled in the users that the oth

First Look: Nikon CoolPix P7000

<img src="" />Nikon announced their new <a href="">CoolPix P7000 point and shoot</a> on September 8

Is the Nikon Q the next EVIL camera?

There’s been some interesting noises coming out of Photokina in the form of some leaked photos that were sent to Nikon Rumors. There’s not much to the photos, just some phone camera shots

Hands-Off Comparison: Nikon D7000 And P7000 Vs. Canon 60D And G12

Canon and Nikon, the photography world’s Hatfields and McCoys, have both recently released new DSLRs and compact manuals. While all of them are certainly excellent cameras, they’re clearly

Nikon's New D7000 Focuses On The Enthusiast Market

Looking for a DSLR that pretty much does it all? Say you need great low light performance, auto-focus while shooting HD video, and a new image processing system that gives you a 6 FPS burst speed for

Is This The Upcoming Nikon D7000?

We’ve been hearing about a proper Nikon D90 replacement for months now, but this is seemingly the first pic of what’s now being called the D7000. Spec didn’t leak with the pic so the

Nikon Looking Into Carbon Fiber DSLR Bodies?

This is an interesting rumor, if not particularly well-sourced. But hey, it’s Friday night. Anything goes! It seems someone working in a workshop specializing in carbon-fiber construction has be

Nikon Coolpix P7000 Looks Like A P&S, Controls Like A DSLR

We speculated this morning that the new Nikon P7000 was going to be a G11 fighter, and now that we have the official specifications it certainly appears that is the case.

Nikon's Coolpix S8100 Is A Solid Luxury Point And Shoot

Ths S8100 is the cheapest of the three cameras being released by Nikon today, and although at $300 it’s starting to get into the luxury range for point-and-shoots, I think it looks like a pretty

The Nikon S80 Is A Whole Lot Of Camera In A Small Package

The Nikon S80 is the latest in Nikon‘s long line of pocket shooters. Nikon’s magically engineers managed to cram everything from a 14.1 MP CMOS sensor capable of 720p movies, a 5x optical

Early Hands-On Of The Nikon P7000 Leaks Out, Reported As A Canon G11 Fighter

<img src="">The Canon G series has been a fan favorite. The cameras in that series constantly offer near-DSLR performance in a compa

Buy Direct From The Nikon Store

<img src="" />So your local camera store doesn't have what you are looking for, you don't want to visit a big box store, and you're

Rumor: Is Nikon Making Their Own Sensors?

Nikon has always been fairly closed mouth about exactly who makes their sensors, but it’s been standard knowledge that they are made by Sony. The rumor is that Nikon has started developing (and
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