• Review: Nike+ SportWatch GPS

    While I am aware that my body generally looks like poorly mixed pizza dough spread over a misshapen skeleton, I do like to get my runs in when I can. For years I’ve tried all sorts of sports watches, from GPS devices from Garmin that looked like cigarette packages with straps to heart rate monitors that told my how hard I was working while wandering down the stairs to make a… Read More

  • #REDALLOVER: Nike Leans On Twitter To Design New USA Men's Soccer Kit

    Team USA play Argentina tomorrow at the New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, and while we’re all excited to see Messi & Co. pretty much run circles around the team, at least our boys will look good in the process. Nike continues to supply the United States Men’s National Team with its official kit, and once again there are a few improvements worth highlighting. So let’s… Read More

  • U R Not (Red-E) For This Pair Of PlayStation Nike Air Force 1s

    You’re now looking at a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. But these are special in that they have the classic PlayStation logo on them. You’ll be the coolest kid in Long Island City, the new new Williamsburg. Read More

  • Nike Training Club App Now Available

    Big fan of the Nike Training Club? Well you’re in luck then, because Nike just announced that they’ve released an iPhone app, just in time for Christmas. Read More

  • Nike's Newest Football (The American Kind) Goodies: Air Zoom Alpha Cleat & Pro Combat Uniform

    So… how about those New York Jets? I hear they’ve screwed the pooch of late. This is how I transition into talking about Nike’s new Pro Combat uniforms and Air Zoom Alpha cleat, introduced yesterday at Cowboys Stadium just outside Dallas. As you might expect, given that I’m writing about them here, the cleat and uniforms do a number of things that might interest the techies… Read More

  • Nice Boots: Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II Have Dynamically Adjusting Studs

    Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, the current top scorer in Spain’s La Liga, is a very fancy man. This much we know. But what I didn’t know till just a little while ago was how fancy he was. Nike has designed a new boot, the CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II (quite the mouthful, yes) specifically for him. The last time Nike did that for a player was when Ronaldinho was good. Read More

  • Going The Distance: Nike+ GPS Vs. RunKeeper

    As someone who ostensibly tries to keep fit, I’ve found the best way to pretend to lose weight is to fiddle around with iPhone apps during my workout. First, it reduces the mind-crushing pain of exercise and allows me to go to a place in myself where I can avoid the boredom of exertion. To that end I decided to test out the new Nike+ GPS app alongside an old favorite, RunKeeper. Both… Read More

  • Power Laces Beats Nike To The Future

    Watch out, Nike. Power Laces has your number. Of course you have the patent, but let’s not get hung on up on the ‘deets. Power Lace’s enterprising creator is already on the second generation of his self-tightening shoes and it looks surprising similar to Nike’s just-granted patent — complete with heel sensor. This guy is going for broke, though, and is… Read More

  • Nike Patenting The Power Laces From Back To The Future II

    We’ve had no shortage of cool kicks in the last year. Adidas has led the pack with Star Wars shoes, winged shoes, and even some awesome ZX Spectrum shoes. But Nike, looking to pretty much one-up everyone in the business, is attempting to patent an automatic lacing system. And yes, it is exactly like the Nike Air Mag in Back to the Future. Read More