• Going The Distance: Nike+ GPS Vs. RunKeeper

    As someone who ostensibly tries to keep fit, I’ve found the best way to pretend to lose weight is to fiddle around with iPhone apps during my workout. First, it reduces the mind-crushing pain of exercise and allows me to go to a place in myself where I can avoid the boredom of exertion. To that end I decided to test out the new Nike+ GPS app alongside an old favorite, RunKeeper. Both… Read More

  • Power Laces Beats Nike To The Future

    Watch out, Nike. Power Laces has your number. Of course you have the patent, but let’s not get hung on up on the ‘deets. Power Lace’s enterprising creator is already on the second generation of his self-tightening shoes and it looks surprising similar to Nike’s just-granted patent — complete with heel sensor. This guy is going for broke, though, and is… Read More

  • Nike Patenting The Power Laces From Back To The Future II

    We’ve had no shortage of cool kicks in the last year. Adidas has led the pack with Star Wars shoes, winged shoes, and even some awesome ZX Spectrum shoes. But Nike, looking to pretty much one-up everyone in the business, is attempting to patent an automatic lacing system. And yes, it is exactly like the Nike Air Mag in Back to the Future. Read More

  • Nike's 70 feet tall Ball Man art installation towers above Johannesburg

    The World Cup is winding down (that psychic octopus has predicted a Spain victory, by the way), which means there will be a very real void in my life once again. I don’t even know of the Champions League or La Liga will be able to fill it. Sigh. I guess we should savor these last remaining moments while we can. One of those moments? As you know, Nike has pretty much taken over… Read More

  • Stats show the ‘good’ Nike T90 Ascente is nearly identical to the World Cup's ‘bad’ Adidas Jabulani: So what gives?

    Credit to Pocket-lint, a fine site, for comparing the Adidas Jabulani, the ball that’s used in the World Cup, and the Nike T90 Ascente, the ball that’s used in the English, Spanish, and Italian leagues. The ides was to see if you could find out, once and for all, if there’s something inherent in the design of the Jabulani that makes it fly all over the place. Conclusion? Read More

  • Nike's giant LED screen in Johanesburg has people Tweeting support for their favorite World Cup stars

    Looks like Nike is up to quite a bit more in South Africa than making sure Landon Donovan (and the rest of Team USA) is well-dressed while taking first place in Group C. (Fingers crossed!) I just got word that the company has constructed the biggest interactive LED screen in the whole of Africa. It’s on the Life Centre skyscraper that’s in Johannesburg. Now, what would you want to… Read More

  • Polar tears down the Nike+ dongle hegemony

    Nike and Polar (the heart rate monitor people) have just introduced the Polar WearLink+ that connects your Polar gear to the Nike+ iPod pedometer. The heartrate band sends data to the same program that controls the distance and speed data sent from the Nike+ footpod. Obviously Polar makes all sorts of running and walking gear already, but this device breaks out of the Polar ecosystem and… Read More

  • UK misses out on Nike World Cup ad, Rooney red-hot with anger (maybe)

    That Nike World Cup ad I mentioned the other day has aired, I think, 800 million times over the past few days on TV. I know I saw it at least once during the Champions League final at the weekend (which Inter thoroughly deserved to win). But get this: the very first time the ad aired in the UK the final six seconds of the ad never made it on the air! Someone’s getting fired… Read More

  • Video: Nike proves once and for all the world needs a bearded Rooney

    We’re about three weeks away from the beginning of the World Cup. You know this because I’ve mentioned it over and over again since 2008. Fancy Adidas this, super-advanced Nike that. And so on. Today’s edition: a three-minute Nike advert that was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu (of “Babel” fame). Even if you have no idea who these people… Read More

  • Rumor: Nike+ heart rate monitor coming in June

    If you’ve been wondering where the heart rate monitor referenced in the iPod Touch and Nano documentation is, you’re not alone. The first reference to this mythical device showed up last year, and we’re just now getting word on when we might see one. Read More

  • Say hello to the environmentally friendly Nike kits that Team USA will wear at the World Cup

    Close readers will have noticed that A) I write quite a bit about soccer+technology but B) never about Team USA. Messi this, Cristiano Ronaldo that. Well that ends today! Nike recently unveiled the kit that Landon Donovan & Co. will use to get second place in Group C this World Cup. USA, USA! Read More

  • Nike Sense technology automatically adjusts stud length in your soccer boots. Hey, if it's good enough for Cristiano Ronaldo!

    Fortune smiled upon me a few days ago, giving me the chance to check out Adidas’ new equipment that’ll be used during the World Cup. It was fun. Nike, on the other hand? Well, apparently the company hates us for reasons I’ll never understand, so I had to find out about its new boots, also to be used in the World Cup, via some other site. I mean, come on! Read More

  • Create and order personalized Nike sneakers straight from your iPhone

    Sportswear giant Nike has a nifty application in the App Store that allows you to create custom sneakers and order them straight away, with just a couple of taps. The app is in fact a mobile extension of NIKEiD, a program that allows customer to order personalized Nike shoes straight from the manufacturer. And an excellent extension it is. The free app (iTunes link) has been available on the… Read More

  • Watch Andres Iniesta over and over again destroy Chelsea with Nike's CRT360 boots

    Andrés Iniesta is a good footballer. Cesc Fàbregas is a good footballer. Need I say more? Yes, actually, I do for it to make sense here. Nike has some fancy new soccer boot that’s it’s launching aside an interactive digital training tool that you can use on a Web site, or on your iPhone or iPod touch. Very exciting. Read More

  • Nike unveils the new Nike+ SportBand

    Available starting July 15th is the brand spankin’ new Nike+ SportBand. The $59 watch-like device will be available in grey with pink, dark with yellow and black with red. The SportBand gives vitals, like calories burned, distance, pace and time. Oh, the new improvements include a white background screen to make the numbers pop and a “welded seal to improve water… Read More

  • Nike's T90 Ascente football: So damn advanced they might as well throw Google Chrome OS on it

    New season, new ball. The three big football leagues—England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, and Italy’s Serie A—begin in just a few weeks, and Nike has developed a fancy, new ball that’s loaded with all types of hi-tech goodness that may pique your interest. It’s called the T90 Ascente. Goalkeepers will hate it; flashy forwards will love it. Read More

  • T-shirt gun listed on Nike's website for $1500

    Who hasn’t been at a sporting event and wished for one of those T-shirt cannons? Nike is “selling” the Nike T-shirt Gun seen in the above video for just $1500. I put “selling” in quotes because it doesn’t seem legit. It’s one of those “internet jokes” that you may have read about in USA Today. Read More

  • Cool sunglasses give you super vision

    Reader Billy May sent us these concept sketches for the Nike Hindsight, specially design biking glasses with specifically tuned Fresnel lenses for keeping an eye on approaching taxis/cars/baby strollers. Writes Billy: Nike Hindsight is, put simply, like giving bicyclists a pair of bifocals for their peripheral vision. By using Fresnel lenses on the sides of eye wear, riders can detect motion in… Read More

  • iPhone Nike+ screens are faux

    AppleInsider is reporting that the Nike+ screens we saw yesterday on a French iPhone site are tres faux and not the “work of Apple nor the athletic shoe maker” according to Nike+ sources. One telltale clue: the app had a connection to the music player which is not available to any application or program call in the SDK. Read More

  • Upcoming iPhone Nike+ pics & info

    What do you get when you combine an iPhone, Nike, Google Map support, and fancy graphs? Way to many distractions from your workout. We digress but per a French website, the upcoming Nike+ is going to sport all that and probabaly a few more nifty features. The most innovative addition though has to be Google Map support ’cause it adds demensions to this app. Just think, a runner could… Read More