• Cool sunglasses give you super vision

    Reader Billy May sent us these concept sketches for the Nike Hindsight, specially design biking glasses with specifically tuned Fresnel lenses for keeping an eye on approaching taxis/cars/baby strollers. Writes Billy: Nike Hindsight is, put simply, like giving bicyclists a pair of bifocals for their peripheral vision. By using Fresnel lenses on the sides of eye wear, riders can detect motion in… Read More

  • iPhone Nike+ screens are faux

    AppleInsider is reporting that the Nike+ screens we saw yesterday on a French iPhone site are tres faux and not the “work of Apple nor the athletic shoe maker” according to Nike+ sources. One telltale clue: the app had a connection to the music player which is not available to any application or program call in the SDK. Read More

  • Upcoming iPhone Nike+ pics & info

    What do you get when you combine an iPhone, Nike, Google Map support, and fancy graphs? Way to many distractions from your workout. We digress but per a French website, the upcoming Nike+ is going to sport all that and probabaly a few more nifty features. The most innovative addition though has to be Google Map support ’cause it adds demensions to this app. Just think, a runner could… Read More

  • Replace the battery in your Nike+ receiver on the cheap

    Got one of them newfangled Nike+ setups? Doubtless you’re wondering what happens when the battery dies on the receiver. Unsurprisingly, you’re supposed to bring it into your local Niketown and pay the man $20 to do the deal. But if you’re comfortable slicing the thing open and doing things with little wires, you can do it yourself for five bucks. Instructables has the… Read More

  • Patent application shows new Nike+iPod features

    There’s some Monday morning quarterback analysis of a recent Nike patent application filing, which could, just maybe, hint at new features for Nike+iPod. The patent details some sort feedback system, that is, Nike+iPod will modify your workout selection based on your selections. iLounge speculates this fun scenario: For instance, the system would be able to know if a user sped up or… Read More

  • Nike launches iPodless jogging accessory called Nike+Sportsband

    It looks as if Nike is taking its while-running data systems solo, announcing a new product called Nike+ Sportsband. Similar to the Nike+iPod product from last year, the Sportsband wraps around your wrist and acts as a wristwatch, but also reports the same data wirelessly as the Nike+iPod device, such as distance run, calories burned, etc. It features a removable USB drive that stores the data… Read More

  • Nike+Sportsband now official: Like Nike+iPod, just without the iPod

    [photopress:nikesportsband.jpg,full,center] Nike will release a stand-alone device in April that’s similar to the Nike+iPod deal, confirming earlier rumors. Nike has named it the SportsBand and it’ll accomplish all the tasks that Nike+iPod does, like keeping track of distance covered, velocity, etc. It’s not going to replace Nike+iPod outright, as the original rumors… Read More

  • Adidas + Samsung official

    On the news that Apple and Nike were going to expand their iPod partnership, Adidas is giving a bit of a “me too”, introducing a shoe + phone scheme, using wireless biometrics in the show to display information on an Adidas-branded Samsung phone. We knew it was coming, but now it’s official, and that’s nice. Adidas to take on Nike+ with branded handset [Brand Republic] Read More

  • Nike and Apple burrow further into the lives of gym bunnies

    As if it wasn’t enough that your Nano was counting your every step through the chip in your Nike+ shoes, now it can track every mile you pretend to bike at the the gym. Ellipticals and such, too. They’re teaming up with 24 Hour Fitness and some Virgin thing to provide machines that track your use, assuming you have the time and inclination to plug your gear into the the… Read More

  • Nike ditches Apple, SportBand shows up on FCC

    I’m a big fan of Nike and have been since I was a kid. One of the many perks of growing up in Oregon meant you probably knew someone who worked at Nike, which meant you could get stuff at the employee store for cheap. I might have to hit up some friends when the latest Nike+ product makes its way into stores. The FCC has revealed the SportBand which connects to a bracelet that syncs… Read More

  • Nike Accepting Amp+ Orders

    Remember awhile back, Nike told everyone it was coming out with a remote control sport watch that would work with the Nike+iPod kit? Well if you don’t, too bad, because now you can finally order a shiny new Amp+ watch for a whopping $80. With a modern, futuristic design, Amp+ will tell you the time and let you access your Nike+iPod Sport kit via buttons on the side. You’ll be able… Read More