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  • ABI Research predicts no more night vision for vehicles

    ABI Research predicts no more night vision for vehicles

    Technology market analysts at ABI Research predict that advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are going to be big business in the next decade — to the tune of $132 billion. But they also predict the decline and fall of night vision in our cars. Night vision systems have been available for vehicles since the early 2000s. They use either infrared or thermographic cameras to scan the… Read More

  • Review: Jakks Pacific EyeClops Night Vison 2.0 Binoculars

    Whether you want it to put the lotion in the basket or have some great fun running around in the back yard after dark, the Jakks Pacific EyeClops Night Vison 2.0 Binoculars are for you. These super cool, $59 binocs have a built-in infrared night vision system for spying on folks in complete darkness up to 50 feet away. While I’m not quite sure I know any eight-year-olds who need night… Read More

  • Pilots can now spy on you at night, look creepy

    Want to live out your “Blue Thunder” fantasy? Now you can legally get military-spec night vision goggles for when you are flying your helicopter. In the past, there were no FAA approved night vision goggles for civilian use — you were taking your chances when you were flying at night, and typically doing instrument based flying. Now you can use night vision, assuming you buy… Read More