Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings Now Identify The Age And Gender Of Those Tweeting About TV (Or Just Lurking)

Measurement firm Nielsen is expanding the type of information it provides for its Twitter TV Ratings service this morning with the launch of demographic data. This new feature, delivered overnight for

Nielsen And Integral Ad Science Expand Their Ad Viewability Partnership Beyond The US

<a target="_blank" href="">Nielsen</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Integral Ad Science</a> are announcing that they're taking their partnershi

Who Runs The (Social Media) World? Girls.

Behind every great social media platform stands millions of great women. And boy do they love their smartphones! According to research compiled by FinanceOnline, which was taken from PEW, Nielsen, and

Nielsen: Internet Display Advertising Grew 32% In 2013, But It’s Still Only 4.5% Of Spend Vs. TV At 57.6%

<a target="_blank" href="">Nielsen</a> put out its latest figures on the state of the advertising market this morning, and Internet advertising continues to be the fastest-growin

Twitter Surveys Users On Live TV Viewing, Second Screen Habits As It Pulls Thread On Television Features

Twitter fielded a survey to a subset of its users yesterday about their live TV viewing habits. The survey began by asking age and gender info, then asked whether a user had watched live TV on Monday

Nielsen’s New SDK Adds Mobile Viewing To Its Traditional TV Ratings, Uses Data From Facebook To Match Demographics

After months of trials, <a target="_blank" href="">Nielsen</a> today is <a target="_blank" href="">announcing</a> an SDK that will give

Nielsen Preps Its Twitter TV Report, While Facebook Extends Data Partnership To Foreign Networks

<a target="_blank" href="">Nielsen</a> is set to publish its first report with TV rankings based on data from <a target="_blank" href="">Twitter<

Nielsen: Microsoft Pays The Most Right Now To Promote Its Products; Tech Ads Jump 30% To $723M In Q1, MSFT Jumps 200%

<a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft</a> has not been shy in the past to spend its money on advertising its products against competition -- in 2011 <a target="_blank" href="htt

Vizu Survey Finds An Online Shift Towards Brand Advertising (Plus Mobile, Social, And Video)

Nielsen-owned <a target="_blank" href="">Vizu</a> is releasing its 2013 Online Advertising Performance Outlook today, and the results suggest that despite concerns about measurement

Mobile Commerce On The Rise As Amazon AppStore Tops Nielsen’s List Of Fastest-Growing U.K. Android Apps

Google's Android platform dominates the U.K.'s smartphone landscape -- powering 54 per cent of the handsets in use at the end of 2012 (Kantar's data). But what apps are U.K. Android owners spending in

Layoffs And A Shut-Down For NM Incite, The Nielsen-McKinsey Venture That Works With Twitter On Social TV Ratings [Updated]

Here's a surprise follow-up to the news this week of <a href="">Twitter'

What Games Are: Games Need Their Nielsens

With Facebook deciding to hide monthly and daily active users, we have lost the one game platform that could give us reasonably objective data about game performance. We are back to the Dark Ages of v

Nielsen: Smartphone Battle Ready To Rage In Brazil, Russia, India

In a research note <a target="_blank" href="">released</a> today, Nielsen examines the potential for sm

Nielsen: TV Still King In Media Consumption; Only 16 Percent Of TV Homes Have Tablets

It's not too late for yet one more 2012 year-in-review report, and today's latest addition comes from Nielsen, which <a target="_blank" href="

Nielsen’s Steve Hasker Says The New Twitter TV Rating Isn’t Just For Advertisers

When a new measurement called <a href="">the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating was announced</a> this morning, neither company provided a lot o

Twitter And Nielsen Announce Partnership To Create New Twitter-Based TV Rating

Nielsen and Twitter just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> a deal for something called t

Nielsen: 85 Percent Of Tablet And Smartphone Owners Use Devices As “Second Screen” Monthly, 40 Percent Do So Daily

Measurement firm Nielsen today released new figures on second screen adoption, expanding on itsĀ <a href="">research from October</a> w

Mobile Drives Adoption Of Social Media In 2012: Apps & Mobile Web Account For Majority Of Growth; Nearly Half Of Social Media Users Access Sites On Smartphones

Research firm Nielsen andĀ <a target="_blank" href="">NM Incite</a>, a joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey, today <a target="_blank" href="

Nielsen’s NM Incite Acquires SocialGuide To Measure The Impact Of Social TV

<a target="_blank" href="">NM Incite</a>, a social media analytics and research joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey, just announced that it has acquired New York-based so

Nielsen: Women Watch More TV Than Men, But Connected Games Consoles Are Changing That

The battle for gender equality is played out on <a target="_blank" href=",mod=8&sourceid=chrome&amp
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