Nginx lands $43 million Series C to fuel expansion

Nginx, the commercial company behind the open source web server, announced a $43 million Series C investment today led by Goldman Sachs Growth Equity. NEA, which has been on board as an early investor

Nginx goes beyond its server roots and launches its application platform

Nginx, in its commercial and open source forms, is one of the most popular load balancers, proxies, web and application servers on the internet today. But Nginx Inc, the company behind the project, wa

NGINX Plus’s latest release puts the focus on security

NGINX, the company behind the popular open-source NGINX server, launched the latest version (R10) of its NGINX Plus commercial offering today. Like similar open-source companies, NGINX offers its core

NGINX’s Amplify monitoring tool is now in public beta

NGINX today launched Amplify, its new application monitoring tool, out of private beta. While the cloud-based tool is still officially in beta, it’s now available to all NGINX users — both

NGINX Brings HTTP/2 Support To Its Commercial Release

NGINX, the well-funded and increasingly popular web and application server company, today announced that it now supports HTTP/2, the next generation of the HTTP standard, in its latest commercial re

Nginx Raises $20M Series B1 Round To Drive International Expansion

Nginx, the company behind the fast-growing open source NGINX web server, today announced that it has raised a $20 million Series B1 round led by NEA, with participation from, Runa Capital,

NGINX Turns 10, Usage Up 400% In The Last 4 Years

The open source NGINX web server (and load balancer, HTTP cache and reverse proxy server) is turning 10 this month and its commercial counterpart, NGINX Plus is celebrating its first birthday at the

NGINX Now Powers 146 Million Websites, Launches Versions 1.6 and 1.7 Of Its Web Server

NGINX, the company behind the popular web server with the same name, today announced that it now powers more than 146 million websites. That's up from only 96 million a year ago -- a 52 percent year-o

Nginx Raises $10M Series B Round Led By NEA

<a target="_blank" href="">Nginx</a>, the company behind the increasingly popular web server by the same name, today announced that it has raised a $10 million Series B round led by N

Group Led By Google Wants More Speed On The Web, Releases Nginx PageSpeed Module In Beta

Google really cares about the web being faster. In 2010 it led a group of contributors in releasing a module for Apache web servers called PageSpeed. Today, the same group has released a version for N

Making The Web Faster: CloudFlare Adds Support For Google’s SPDY Protocol

<a target="_blank" href="">CloudFlare</a>, the fast-growing service that aims to make websites faster and safer, today announced this it starting to roll out support for Google's

Russian Nginx raises $3 million from international investors

Russian company Nginx raised $3 million from German BV Capital, Russian Runa Capital and MSD Capital, Michael Dell‘s venture fund, as reported by RBK Daily. Founded by Russian engineer Igor Syso

Russian Nginx Raises $3 Million From International Investors

Russian company <a title="Nginx" href="">Nginx</a> has raised $3 million from German <a title="BV Capital" href="" target="_blank"> BV Capital</a>, Russian <a