What You Need To Know To Get Started With Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available for anyone to use, provided they’ve got all the prerequisites, both for physical stores and for online transactions. But you can’t just walk up to your local bri

Nintendo To Launch Super Smash Bros. For Wii U And Its Amiibo Interactive Toys Nov. 21

Nintendo’s entry into the ‘toys-to-life’ market is nearly upon us; the company announced today that it would release its first set of 12 NFC-enabled Amiibo will be available from Nov

Gillmor Gang: Too Soon

The Gillmor Gang — Dan Farber, Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. This show is dedicated to the memory of Eric Lundquist. @stevegillmor, @scobleizer, @jtaschek, @dbfarber,’s Contactless Ultrasound Transfer Tech Aims To Best NFC

Microphone: check. Speaker: check... Israeli startup is working on a universal alternative to NFC that relies on high pitched soundwaves to perform a contactless handshake.

London Transport Network Finally Opening Up To Contactless Mobile Payments

London has had a dedicated contactless payment travelcard, called Oyster, for over a decade -- offering a smarter alternative to paper ticketing that can hold a balance and cap daily and weekly travel

Nokia Launches $30 NFC Tag For Keeping Tabs On Your Phone’s Whereabouts

Nokia has unveiled a new accessory designed to make sure users of its Lumia smartphone are never parted from their handset. Or at least, that when they leave the house with their tagged keys or bag, t

Apple Patents Mobile Payments Method With Secure Element For Protecting Account Info

Apple has filed for a new patent related to mobile payments that might provide more insight into how they’re thinking about implementing that kind of tech with the USPTO, AppleInsider notes. The

Haloband Lets You Control Your Smartphone With A Tap On Your Wrist

The rise of mobile has given me so much: 24/7 connections with friends around the world, information exactly when I need it, the ability to track my fitness and health goals. Unfortunately, it's also

Firefox For Android 24 Launches With WebRTC Support, NFC-Based Link Sharing

Mozilla today launched the latest version of Firefox for Android. Version 24 introduces a number of new features, including tools for easier link sharing and support for WebRTC. With the introduction

Apple Looking Into Device-To-Device Gifting Of Owned Digital Media Via NFC

Apple isn't known to be that bullish on NFC use in mobile devices, but a new patent application originally created earlier this year and published by the USPTO today shows it's thinking about the tech

This NFC Ring Puts Wireless Transfer Tech On Your Finger So You Can Fist-Bump Phones

The tech world may be hoping for Apple to unbox some wearable technology in the near future but who cares about the iWatch when an NFC ring is a thing? NFC fans hankering for the convenience of having

NFC Stands For Nobody F****** Cares And Apple Gets That

If you think QR codes are a bad joke then consider NFC. Near Field Communications' evangelists have been trying to get smartphone owners to share stuff by bumping and grinding their phones for years.

NFC Task Launcher App Maker Tagstand Partners With T-Mobile On Tap Tag App, Plus Other Carriers And OEMs

Y Combinator-backed <a target="_blank" href="">Tagstand</a>, an NFC startup which is carving out a niche for itself given the increased number of Android devices supporting th

The Chubby vWand Stylus Can Bring NFC Support To Non-NFC Smartphones And Tablets

NFC has always struck me as one of those things that everyone says is going to get really big next year, and the growing number of smartphones and tablets that come bearing support for the standard is

U.S. Bank Rolls Out An NFC-Based Mobile Payments Service Called “Go Mobile”

NFC-based mobile payments are getting another boost in the States: U.S. Bank, one of America's largest, has <a target="_blank" href="

Mobile Accessories Maker TYLT Partners With YC-Backed Tagstand On Trio Of NFC-Enabled Products

<a target="_blank" href="">Tagstand</a>, the Y Combinator-backed startup intent on taking NFC mainstream, is announcing a partnership with mobile accessories maker TYLT in adva

NFC Marketing Startup Tapit Raises $2.3 Million Series A

Interesting news from the NFC front today: despite <a href="

Juniper Research: iPhone 5’s Lack Of NFC Has Set Market Back By 2 Years In U.S., W. Europe

Apple's decision not to add the NFC wireless transfer tech to the iPhone 5 has set the NFC market back by two years in the U.S. and Western Europe, says analyst Juniper Research. It has revised its fo

Carrier-Led Mobile Payments Venture Isis Partners With USAT To NFC-Enable 7,500 Vending Machines In Select Test Markets

<a target="_blank" href="">Isis</a>, the carrier-led mobile payments venture backed by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, is today announcing a partnership with <a target="_bla

U.K. Mobile Shopping Startup, Tapestry, Trials Barcode/NFC Scanning App To Link Shoppers With The Physical Things They Fancy

Tapestry, the latest contender in the fashion-tech startup space, wants to connect a shopper's digital identity with the physical products in the store they're in by using barcode/NFC-scanning smartph
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