Why did Apple buy NextVR?

After plenty of talk about AR as the next computing platform, Apple may have more interest in virtual reality than they’ve previously forecasted. Following an April report from 9to5mac, today Ap

NextVR is adding 6DoF tracking to its live-streaming VR service

VR's most popular live-streaming events service is giving you a little wiggle room. NextVR is bringing six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) movement to its popular virtual reality app for live-streaming spo

Here’s the list of NBA games that will be streamed in VR this season

Last year the NBA launched a program where they streamed one regular-season game in virtual reality each week, all season long. Today they announced that they're doing it again, starting with a free p

Mobile and enterprise are the keys to VR/AR scale

Though PC and console VR are the sexier formats we’re all excited about, is mobile where VR will really scale in the near term? This is a question I’ve been posing to investors and innovators.

Here’s the full schedule of NBA games that will be shown in VR this season

Last week the NBA announced they would be partnering with NextVR to stream one game a week in VR all season long. Today they confirmed an exact list of matchups and dates, and the good news is that ea

How virtual reality is transforming the sports industry

After a failed stint in the 1990s, virtual reality made its reappearance last year with headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. But this time, it’s here to stay and, in l

NextVR looks towards Asian markets with $80M Series B raise

Virtual reality broadcasting startup NextVR has closed an $80 million Series B round of funding, WSJ reports. With this latest splash of cash, NextVR is looking to expand beyond US markets and tackle

Pop culture stimulates the evolution of the LA tech scene

It wasn’t so long ago that venture capital was a suburban California phenomenon. Los Angeles didn't have much in terms of a real tech scene -- and even San Francisco only had a few VCs or tech compa

NextVR scores $20 million from a Chinese investment firm

NextVR confirmed today that the company has received $20 million in funding from a Chinese investment firm as a part of an upcoming Series B raise. The news surfaced earlier this week on Variety afte

Virtual reality will revolutionize media content but VR headsets need to evolve

Virtual reality can deliver on its promise to bring new and immersive experiences to the masses, but the current iteration of hardware will need to evolve first.

NextVR gets ready to drop the bass with live VR concerts

After dedicating tons of energy (and loads of bandwidth) to live streaming sporting events in stereoscopic VR, NextVR is moving to its next major market: live virtual reality concerts. NextVR has anno

Hear Dave Cole, co-founder of NextVR, discuss the future of VR live entertainment at Disrupt NY

When you can’t make it to the game in real life, the experience offered by virtual reality live streaming can get you closer to the action and more connected to the players and fans than anythi

NextVR Announces Multi-Year Partnership With Fox Sports

No matter which type of sportsball they’ve been streaming, NextVR has managed to make their live sporting event VR broadcasts some of the most engaging virtual reality experiences available

VR Live Streaming Platform NextVR Raises $30.5M Series A

NextVR, a startup that promises to give consumers rich VR experiences for live events has raised a $30.5 million Series A led by Formation 8 the WSJ reports. Notably the raise was also participated

A Live NBA Game Is Cool In VR, But Don’t Sell Off Your Season Tickets Yet

So I watched a good chunk of the Golden State Warriors game in virtual reality last night (thanks to the NextVR app), and I'm happy to report that I didn't puke. Even though I was in San Mateo, at

Watch The Golden State Warriors Get Their NBA Championship Rings In Virtual Reality

So we’re definitely at the “see-what-we-can-do-with-virtual-reality” stage of virtual reality. You’re going to be bombarded with cool tricks that show off the “potential&

The Four Best Reasons To Attend Disrupt SF

The 6th annual Disrupt SF (Sept. 21-23) kicks off Monday next week at Pier 70 in San Francisco’s Dogpatch. We expect record-breaking attendance.  Maybe you should be there too, and here are fo