• Next New Networks SEC Filing Pretty Much Confirms YouTube Buyout

    While Google’s YouTube is reportedly in talks to buy Web content producer Next New Networks, the New York-based startup has just filed with the SEC in relation to $19.4 million in equity financing. NNN also raised $1 million in debt funding last year right when those YouTube acquisition rumors started swirling. Read More

  • Which Is The Most Capital Efficient Online Video Startup Of Them All? (Hint: Rocketboom)

    Success in online video is relative to how much time, effort, and money you put into it. Andrew Baron of Rocketboom offers an (albeit self-serving) chart in a post updating the State of the Union for his startup and online video in general. I like this chart because it tries to compare the total capital poured into four different online video ventures and the total cumulative videos put out… Read More

  • Next New Networks Raises $1 Million Amid YouTube Acquisition Rumors

    While Google’s YouTube is reportedly in talks to buy Web content producer Next New Networks, the New York-based startup has just raised $1 million in debt financing. According to this SEC filing, the fledgling company is raising a round totaling $1.2 million. Listed as investors are Ross Levinsohn from Fuse Capital, Bijan Sabet from Spark Capital, Goldman Sachs and Saban Capital… Read More

  • The Year In Online Video Deals And What To Expect In 2011

    With the recent rumor that Google’s YouTube unit was looking at acquiring video content company Next New Networks, it’s clear that anything can happen in the rapidly growing online video space.  While some are shocked to see that Google may cross over and own content, the rumor does sound plausible. Loaded with nearly $25M in venture financing, it’s not quite the initial… Read More

  • Demand Media EVP And Yahoo Vet George Stewart Jumps To Startup Resonate

    Online ad technology startup Resonate Networks, which has just raised $5 million in financing, has scored a digital media heavyweight as its new chief revenue officer. George Stewart, former Executive Vice President of Media Sales at Demand Media and previously SVP of Advertising Sales at Next New Networks, will work directly with Resonate clients to build brands online by leveraging the… Read More

  • Next New Networks Sees 300 Million Views In 2009; Approaches Profitability

    Online television studio Next New Networks is reporting a few milestones today, releasing news that the network has seen over 300 million views across its networks in 2009. The company also claims it doubled revenue from 2008 to 2009 and saw a 70% increase in the number of sponsors. Next New Networks builds internet based “micro television networks” for targeted niche communities. Read More

  • Next New Networks Looking For Next New CEO

    Web video production house Next New Networks is looking for a new CEO. Founder and current CEO Herb Scannell, who will remain as chairman, announced it on the company’s blog. Previously, Scannell was vice chairman of MTV Networks and president of Nickelodeon, where he launched the career of SpongeBob SquarePants. (Not that he’s looking for a SpongeBob type to fill his shoes… Read More

  • Next New Networks – $15 million From Velocity Interactive Group And Goldman Sachs

    Goldman Sachs and Velocity Interactive Group have put another $15 million into the online TV site Next New Networks, the company will announce shortly. The company, which launched in January 2007, had previously raised $8 million from Spark Capital, Saban Media Group, Pilot Group, and Bob Pittman. All the previous investors put more money in and Jonathan Miller from Velocity Capital was already… Read More

  • In Time For Super Tuesday, It's Super Obama Girl

    You can argue all you want about who won the Democratic debate tonight, but all that matters is who wins on Super Tuesday. If viral video is any indicator (and I don’t think it is), Barack Obama is already ahead. From the folks at Barely Political, now part of Next New Networks, here is latest Obama Girl video: Super Obama Girl. It just came out: Personally, in my book, you can… Read More

  • Next New Networks Acquires

    Micro television network provider Next New Networks has acquired, the site behind the Obama Girl video. This acquisition is Next New Networks’ first foray into politics, and BarelyPolitical will now be served along side Next New Network’s existing content including Channel Frederator. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Whilst the Obama Girl video series (there… Read More

  • Next New Networks Building Micro Television Networks

    Next New Networks is an online media company with big plans for “micro television networks”. The New York based company launched in January with $8 million in funding from Spark Capital. The team behind the service is impressive. There are five founders of the company, Herb Scannell, Fred Seibert, Jed Simmons, Tim Shey and Emil Rensing. CEO Scannell is the former President of… Read More