Next Gen

  • Rumor of Duh: Next-gen Xbox will let you keep your gamertag, achievements, etc.

    Sometimes we come across rumors that are kind of no-brainers, things you know are pretty damned likely, such as this one from Joystiq claiming that the next version of the Xbox, due a few years out, will allow you to keep your XBL gamer tag, achievements, and other personalized content when you upgrade. Microsoft would be foolish not to do this, as the stuff is all XML based and it would be… Read More

  • Onkyo latest to cause grief to HD DVD camp

    [photopress:ONKYO.jpg,full,center] Oh no! Yet another manufacturer is dropping support for HD-DVD, this time coming from home theater heartthrobs Onkyo. While not committing to total abandonment of the troubled format, it’s definitely an ominous sign of things to come. Onkyo, though, is oddly mum about switching over to the competing Blu-ray format, neither confirming or denying that it… Read More

  • Next-Gen disk sales outpacing original DVDs from the '90s

    [photopress:11353_news_image.jpg,full,left]This might not be news to everyone, but I found it rather interesting. Way back in the late 1990s, DVDs came out. They were slow to catch on, as the players were expensive, and the titles limited. Eventually the merits of DVD swayed people, and the cost of set-top players came down enough to make them a commodity. Next-gen disks, like HD-DVD and… Read More

  • Next-Gen iMac Photos Surface

    Ooooh! Oooooh! Oooooooooh! Those shifty dudes over at Gizmodo got some pictures of the new iMac e-mailed to them this morning. Of course, the photos are blurry and low-rez, so they’re most likely fake. If this is the new iMac though, it looks pretty sweet. You be the judge. Hit the jump for a picture of the back
    Alleged Next-Gen Aluminum iMac Looks Sweet, Blurry and Probably Fake [Giz] Read More

  • HP Working On HDTVs With Direct Movie Buying

    With more and more people buying HDTVs, demand for HD content is increasing ten-fold each month. While HP may not care about printers so much anymore, it’s definitely working hard in the television sector. A new concept called HDTV 2.0 is on its way and the technology isn’t far off to support it. Essentially, the goal is for future HDTV sets to have an Ethernet or WiFi Internet link… Read More

  • Next-Gen Format Copying May Become Legal

    Though Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are readily available in a store near you, the cost for either format isn’t cheap. If I had to plunk down $30+ for a movie, I’d certainly want to be able to make legal backup copies of it. And according to a new licensing agreement, you may be able to do that very soon. The big studios need to get behind the push, but if all goes well, you should be allowed… Read More

  • Patent Reveals Next-gen iPod and iPhone Nano

    Now that the iPhone has almost arrived, Apple is starting work on a new version of the iPod and possibly the iPhone. A recent patent filing reveals a new full-screen iPod that uses touch controls located on the back of the device. A user will slide his thumb along the back to browse through menus while applying pressure to act as a “click” or “selection”. Feel me so far? Read More

  • Blu-Ray Takes The Lead! Over 1 Million Discs Sold

    Take a guess at who just whooped HD-DVD in sales? Home Media Research today announced that Blu-Ray had surpassed the 1 million sales mark, making it the first next-gen format to do so. The report released states that 70% of all movies sold in the first three months of the year were Blu-Ray — no doubt a straight a kick to HD-DVD’s nads. These remarkable sales are attributed not… Read More

  • Pink, Orange Zunes On the Horizon Plus Next Gen Specs

    No sooner are we welcomed to the social that a little bird tells us that orange and pink first gen Zunes might be ready for us all around the holidays AND that one-point-five gen Zune specs are finalized and that there are prototypes circulating at Zune-quarters in Seattle. The new colors are already in the grimey hands of those who worked on the Zune project. The new models will be the same… Read More

  • The Top 10 Annoying Things About Next Gen

    The bashing, ranting, and rumors of the console wars have begun – and only one of the three next gen consoles is out on the market. If you’re already sick of hearing about the console wars, you better tune out of video games for a while until every gamer ends up owning every console. Maybe then there will be some kind of peace among us. Until that happens, Unfettered Blather has… Read More