• Newzbin has shut down

    Well that didn’t take long. has shut down, just about six weeks after the High Court in the UK ruled against the Usenet indexing site. You had to see this coming. Read More

  • Adios, Usenet: UK High Court rules against Newzbin

    Thus begins the countdown to the Death of Usenet. It’s capitalized because it’s important. The High Court in the UK has ruled against famous Usenet index site Newzbin, saying that the site can be held liable for the copyright infringement of its users. Hear that? That’s the sound of the world’s Usenet users screaming “OH DEAR GOD NO!” You knew this day… Read More

  • Productivity, piracy and you: Or, how much sense does this make?

    Before I write this gem of a post, let me attempt to absolve myself of all legal responsibility: I’m merely doing what I was told to do. That should hold up in court, no? My second charge this fine Productivity Week is to teach y’all how to pirate movies, music, video games, etc. more efficiently. On what planet is this type of advice is both approved of and encouraged I… Read More

  • Look out, Newzbin: MPAA targets Usenet indexing site

    Usenet appears to be the MPAA’s next target. Not good. The MPAA has told Newzbin, a popular Usenet indexing service and creator of the NZB file format, that it’s hosting copyright-infringing material, material that needs to be removed post-haste. Never mind that NZB files themselves aren’t copyright-infringing (though I doubt the courts would make that distinction), but such… Read More