Newzbin has shut down

<img src="" />Well that didn't take long. has shut down, just about six weeks after the High Court in the UK <a HREF="http

Adios, Usenet: UK High Court rules against Newzbin

<img src="" />Thus begins the countdown to the Death of <a HREF="">Usenet</a>. It's capitalized

Productivity, piracy and you: Or, how much sense does this make?

Before I write this gem of a post, let me attempt to absolve myself of all legal responsibility: I’m merely doing what I was told to do. That should hold up in court, no? My second charge this f

Look out, Newzbin: MPAA targets Usenet indexing site

Usenet appears to be the MPAA’s next target. Not good. The MPAA has told Newzbin, a popular Usenet indexing service and creator of the NZB file format, that it’s hosting copyright-infringi