• What If: The New New York Times

    Like everyone else I’ve watched the print media world fall apart over the last few years. The poster child for that industry is the New York Times, of course, and their many missteps in recent memory have been well chronicled. In early 2008 Marc Andreessen started a New York Times Deathwatch, and the company’s financial performance has degraded since then. I keep wondering what… Read More

  • Online Ad Revenues At The New York Times Keep Dropping Like A Rock

    As if the New York Times doesn’t have enough to worry about, with total advertising revenues down 32 percent in the second quarter, its online business is deteriorating as well. In its earnings announcement this morning, the company breaks out Internet advertising revenues of $68 million, which is a 15.5 percent drop from a year ago. The year-over-year declines keep getting worse, as… Read More

  • The New York Times' Blogrunner—A Techmeme Killer?

    Last night, the New York Times quietly launched Blogrunner on the technology section of its main site. Blogrunner was one of many techmeme copycat sites, until the New York Times bought it last year. Like Techmeme, Blogrunner is a service that keeps track of the latest news and blog posts on a range of topics (Politics, Technology, Media, Business, Economy, Law, Health, Movies, Books… Read More

  • New York Times Launches…MyYahoo

    The New York Times took their personalized home page product out of beta today – see it here. The look and feel is about the same as it was a a year ago when it went into private beta – Think MyYahoo, Pageflakes or Netvibes, with the New York Times logo and without the widgets. There’s an argument that the product will bring customized home pages to the masses, although… Read More