• Video: NewSight shows world's largest glasses-free 3D display

    3D seems to be all the rage in the electronics industry at the moment, and not just among the bigger players. Now display specialist NewSight has developed what it claims is the world’s largest autostereoscopic 3D display, showcased recently during an industry expo in Japan (where the company itself is based out of). Read More

  • NewSight Corp develops worlds 1st 3D LED 180-inch monster screen

    Don’t get too excited, Trust Fund kiddies. This massive display probably will not be available for your purchase but my goodness, wouldn’t GOW2 be sweet on it. The 180-inch 3D LED video wall is destined for commercial use considering four of these can be connected together to make a gigantic 360-inch screen. LEDs make up each pixel and are arranged at a pitch of 6mm. Even… Read More