With a new focus on marketing software, NewsCred relaunches as Welcome

The company formerly known as NewsCred has a new name and a new product: Welcome. Co-founder and CEO Shafqat Islam explained that this follows a broader shift in the company’s strategy. While pr

Shasta Ventures is doubling down on security startups with 3 new hires

Shasta has hired former Symantec GM Balaji Yelamanchili, former Salesforce CISO Izak Mutlu and longtime enterprise software exec Drew Harman to focus on security.

NewsCred Raises $42M As It Sets Its Sights Beyond Content Marketing

<a target="_blank" href="">NewsCred</a> is announcing that it has raised $42 million in additional equity funding. Founded in 2008, the company started out as a system for reader

NewsCred Unveils Content Marketing Partnerships With Getty Images,, Others

Content marketing startup <a target="_blank" href="">NewsCred</a> isn't just connecting marketers with freelancers anymore — through a new partnership program, it allows them

NewsCred Raises Another $25M For Its Content Marketing Platform

<a target="_blank" href="">NewsCred</a>, a company that helps customers find and create content for their marketing campaigns, is announcing that it has raised $25 million in Se

NewsCred Raises $15M To Build Marketing Campaigns From High Quality Content

<a target="_blank" href="">NewsCred</a>, a company that licenses content from publications like The New York Times and The Economist for use in brand marketing campaigns, announ

Third Time’s The Charm? A New NewsCred Raises $4 Million To Reinvent The Newswire Service

Startups pivot; it's part of the process. But how many startups pivot multiple times and still manage to raise significant cash from reputable investors? Sure, maybe it's a sign of a bubble, a sign th

NewsCred Relaunches, Looks To Become "Ning For Newspapers"

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="109" /></a>Back in 2008, we <a>wrote</a> about a startup cal

NewsCred Goes Public With Credibility-Based News Source

NewsCred, the news aggregator that ranks stories by the credibility of their source, has launched to the public. Instead of relying on popularity as many social news sites do, NewsCred instead allows

NewsCred: Just How Trustworthy is Your Favorite Blog?

The internet is littered with people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Common sense is usually enough to separate the junk from legitimate articles, but even the most highly-regar