• Comunitee: A New Social News Site For Mainstream Readers

    Comunitee: A New Social News Site For Mainstream Readers

    Does the world need another social news site? That’s the big question about today’s launch of Comunitee, a new beta destination for tracking the news you want to follow, commenting and sharing stories with your friends. I mean, it’s not like we already have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for this, right? Well, not exactly. For those who want the full, real-time firehose of… Read More

  • With v2.0, Flud Wants To Do For Social News Reading What Spotify Is Doing For Music

    With v2.0, Flud Wants To Do For Social News Reading What Spotify Is Doing For Music

    You may be familiar with Flud as the news reader app that’s trying to build an appealing alternative to Flipboard and Pulse. Flud launched iOS platform back at the end of 2010 with a heavy focus on design — and a simple user interface. Fast Company even gave Flud the 2010 Design Award of The Year. The startup has since launched its social news sharing app on Android, raised $1… Read More

  • Personalized News Reader News360 2.0 Arrives On iPhone

    Personalized News Reader News360 2.0 Arrives On iPhone

    News360, the cross-platform news reader, is arriving on the iPhone today in version 2.0, after having been previously available on virtually all other platforms, including Android, the iPad, Windows Phone, the Web and even the BlackBerry PlayBook. With today’s launch, News360 is also adding support for logins, allowing you to sync your reading trends and behavior, (aka your… Read More

  • Evri Comes To iPad With New Topic-Based News Reader

    Evri Comes To iPad With New Topic-Based News Reader

    Realtime semantic startup Evri is debuting its brand-new iPad application today, where it joins the crowded “iPad news magazine” space filled with the likes of Flipboard, The Daily, Zite, Pulse, NewsMix, AOL Editions, News360¬†and others. To differentiate itself from the pack, Evri’s app employs a combination of social news and topical streams, allowing readers to follow… Read More

  • Wibbitz Raises Seed Funding To Turn Articles Into Video Summaries

    Wibbitz Raises Seed Funding To Turn Articles Into Video Summaries

    Wibbitz, a new service that functions as sort of a “play button” for the Web, has just raised a seed round of approximately half a million. The service is similar to former TechCrunch Disrupt winner Qwiki, in that it, too, automatically generates videos on the fly using the content found on a given website. But unlike Qwiki, Wibbitz is positioned as a tool designed specifically… Read More

  • Personalized News Aggregation: News360 Launches Version 2.0

    Personalized News Aggregation: News360 Launches Version 2.0

    Cross-platform newsreader application News360 launched into version 2.0 today, a significant update that introduces its new personalization features. The news reader now learns from your activity on social Web services, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Evernote, in order to present you with stories that fit your interests. But unlike some of its competitors, which there are now… Read More

  • Geeks Wanted at the FBI

    Gas prices are going up again, not one single Gordon Gekko-lyte has been held accountable for the financial meltdown of recent years, and most of us are just now sobering up from a tax filing hangover. So if you’re looking for another reason to complain about the government, here it is: Reports are that 13 out of 36 surveyed FBI agents lack the skills to deal with cyber crime. Sounds like… Read More

  • Amazon to South Carolina: We'll Show You!

    Online retail giant Amazon has tussled with state tax agencies before so this ain’t a new fight. But it might very well be an escalation of the beef… Reports are circulating that Amazon has decided against opening a new distribution center in South Carolina because lawmakers won’t go along with the retailers attempt to gain an exemption for collecting sales tax. Read More

  • Apple's Subscription Bait And Switch

    When Apple announced back in February that The Daily would be the first subscription news app on iTunes, it was seen by other publishers as the model going forward. Some like it, some don’t, but at least Apple knows how it wants to treat subscriptions going forward. Or does it? Some subscription news apps seem to be in limbo right now while Apple figures out how to handle special… Read More

  • Local Is Focal: Street Fight Gives The Local Industry A Source For News And Analysis

    I’m beginning to think that the old phrase “think globally, act locally” has become an appropriate slogan for Web 2.0. (Or perhaps an alternative might be “think global, try to monetize the sh*t out of local”.) With the rise of location-based services like Gowalla, Foursquare, and Facebook Places, local-friendly deal sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and Yipit… Read More

  • Big Pay Day For Big Data. Teradata Buys Aster Data For $263 Million

    In the old days, big data used to be called data warehousing. But that was when corporations stored all their own data on their own servers. Today, it’s just called big data and it generally refers to the vast reaches of data in the cloud. Old big data is buying new big data today, as data warehousing powerhouse Teradata just announced it will be acquiring Aster Data Systems for… Read More

  • Experiments In Realtime News: The Eqentia Streams

    When it comes to realtime news, the prevailing wisdom these days is to let your friends tell you what to read through Twitter or Facebook. Instead of editors, people are using these social stream sto filter their news, and a whole bunch of apps (like Flipboard) are tapping into that to present your social news feed in more appealing ways. But a Toronto startup called Eqentia is approaching… Read More

  • Pew Shows 65% Of People Pay For Digital Content; Mostly Music, Software, And Mobile Apps

    The Pew Internet organization put out results of a survey on how many people pay for digital content online. The study found that 65 percent of people online have paid to download some form of digital content or for a subscription to a digital media service. The survey excluded physical goods bought online and was focussed only on digital content such as music, software, news, and other… Read More

  • Salesforce Chatter Goes Freemium

    In its attempt to bring social streams into the enterprise, Salesforce is taking its Chatter messaging service and making it freemium. Unlike most freemium services which start out free, and then add on premium features for a price, Salesforce is going in the opposite direction. Chatter started out as an additional $15/user/month service, but perhaps the uptake wasn’t what CEO Marc… Read More

  • Automated News Comes To Sports Coverage Via StatSheet

    Here come the robo sports journalists. While people in the media biz worry about content mills like Demand Media and Associated Content spitting out endless SEO-targeted articles written by low-paid Internet writers, at least those articles are still written by humans. We may no longer need the humans, at least for data-driven stories. A startup in North Carolina, StatSheet, today is launching… Read More

  • Pew Research: More People Got Their News Online Yesterday Than From A Print Newspaper

    The Pew Research Center, which regularly surveys U.S. consumers about their media consumption habits, put out a report which shows that more people are getting their news online than from print newspapers. In response to a survey question asking people where they got their news yesterday, 34 percent answered online versus only 31 percent from a daily newspaper. If this doesn’t sound… Read More

  • IBM Fingers Web Apps As Culprit Behind 36 Percent Rise In Enterprise Security Threats

    IBM put out a new report (embedded below) on security threats to enterprise computer networks today from its X-Force security research group. It found a 36 percent increase in security vulnerabilities, with Web applications being the main culprit. Web apps with security exploits accounted for 55 percent of all disclosed vulnerabilities. One of the biggest threats are hidden attacks using… Read More

  • Microsoft And Salesforce Agree To Agree On Patents (For A Fee)

    It’s no secret that Microsoft and Salesforce just plain don’t like each other (remember when Microsoft communications head Frank Shaw basically said that Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is obsessed with them?). In fact, the two companies have spent the last year suing one another over patents. But today they’re announcing that they’ve settled the suit. But Microsoft… Read More

  • Adobe Buys Swiss Company Day Software For $240 Million

    Adobe is strengthening its product portfolio with its intention to acquire Swiss firm Day Software, which makes Web content management systems aimed at marketers. Adobe announced an all-cash tender offer for Day’s shares. The purchase price is approximately $240 million. Many of Adobe’s products, such as Illustrator and Photoshop, are used already to create marketing materials… Read More

  • Product Management Software Company Atlassian Takes A Huge, $60 Million First Round Of Funding From Accel

    It is not often that a company’s first round of venture funding comes in at $60 million and eight years after it was founded with $10,000 worth of credit card debt. But Atlassian, which was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2002, is taking its first venture money today from Accel Partners. The company pulled in $59 million in revenues in its fiscal year ended June 30, 2010, and has… Read More

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