• Quad-core is On the Way

    Thought Two Cores was enough? It isn’t. Really. Intel confirmed today that they will be releasing a 2.67 GHz quad-core Core 2 Extreme this holiday season. Drooling, yet? The processor is named Kentsfield and will host two dual-core Conroe cores on one package. The processor will be beefed up, increasing its L2 cache from 4MB to 8MB, which will serve to make multi-tasking much more seamless. Read More

  • HD DVD Becomes Legitimate

    Well it was only a matter of time, but HD DVD porn has made it’s debut. An aptly named studio called GLAY’z will be releasing a Japanese title that apparently translates to “Slave Room,” but my Japanese is rusty (aka nonexistent). Judging from the NSFW cover though, the name seems appropriate enough. So now that porn is available on both HD DVD and Blu-ray, I guess we… Read More

  • Upcoming Verizon Chocolate Flip-Phone

    This doesn’t look like the LG KG810 Chocolate (it has a different wheel), but it is definitely a flip-phone version of the Chocolate, headed for Verizon some time in the near future. Howard Forums [via Phone Arena] Read More

  • Apple Denies Wireless iPod

    DigiTimes, the people who brought us word that the Xbox 360 was definitely $200 by Christmas time, spills the beans again on Apple’s Taiwan branch saying they were not working on a wireless iPod. Usually, Apple doesn’t’ confirm or deny upcoming projects, but on account of Apple Taiwan getting 1/3 of their staff slashed, the remaining workers probably didn’t care what… Read More

  • Aigo A/V Wristwatch

    The Aigo F209 is an all-in-one wristwatch that features a 160 x 128 OLED display. It is capable of playing MP3 and WMA audio and can run MPEG-4 XVID/AVI video. The F209 is available in 512mb and 1gb models. We’ll prolly see more and more consolidated devices like this, but for now I’m willing to bet that any product of this nature sucks. I do love the color scheme though and I… Read More

  • The Optimus Mini Three Keyboard Exists

    Thinkgeek got their hands on a final production sample of the Optimus Mini Three keyboard; the keyboard that only has three keys. Despite that, each key has an OLED display on it that you can use to show whatever you want. Examples are weather, how much free memory you have, how much your current CPU usage is, or a 3FPS webcam stream. It’s only Windows compatible for now, but Mac and… Read More

  • Stick 1-Line Phone Router

    So you’ve got a phone, a fax, a TiVo and your old Windows 95 machine running AOL dial-up all hooked up to the wall, sharing a single phone line. Do you order 4 lines and pay out the nose? Of course not, you get the Phone Router, which “screens and automatically routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time.” We’re not sure how this magic… Read More

  • Horseman 3D Stereo Camera

    Used by academic researchers, criminial investigators, and pornographers (to really make those breasts pop), the Horseman 3D Stereo Camera lets you take stereo pictures at a synchronization of up to 1/1000 sec. Its specs are: Type: 35mm Rangefinder Focal Plane Shutter Stereo Camera Film: 135 (35mm film) Lens: 38mm F2.8 3-Groups / 4-Lenses x2 Format: 24x32mm (European Size) Closest… Read More

  • Top 50 Mobile Phone Sites

    This is a pretty meta post, but it’s interesting news. It seems that Cingular is the most popular world cellphone website while ChinaMobile is #1 by a head, neck, and left shoulder. You then kind of peter out right around motorola. Mad4Mobile created the study and found that PhoneScoop – a personal favorite, is one of the better phone blogs out there. In this study we have picked… Read More

  • CrunchedGear Contest: Come On, People!

    : Proporta BlackBerry 8700 hard case Proporta screen protector Proporta 4-in-1 pen Proporta Tungsten T5 case Proporta in-car mount Here’s how to enter. Send a picture of the most destroyed, most beaten-up, and/or nastiest piece of technology you own and which item you’d like plus a second choice. We’ll pick five winners and send out their fancy, fancy gifts. All pictures… Read More

  • BeCell Vibration Headphones For Gaming

    Instead of using motors, this vibration stereo headset from BeCell uses bass vibration technology to give you tactical sensation while you’re fragging along in UT 2004. The headphones are of the around-the-ear variety, and have on-cord vibration control. We can see this being useful for gaming, but for listening to music or watching movies, it would probably just be too obtrusive. Read More

  • TomTom ONE GPS Released In North America

    The tiny GPS navigation system with a large 3.5-inch screen hits the US shores this month, after much delay. It only weighs 5.6 ounces and is 1 inch thick, which is tiny for a GPS system. Carry this around in your pocket or bag to have whenever your buddies are driving, just in case. It’s got 32MB of SD memory and access to TomTom PLUS services such as traffic and weather. As an… Read More

  • Candid Zune Pics Surface

    Zapruder-esque footage of the Zune is surfaced and Gizmodo seems to have dibs on all the goodness. It has magnetic earphones that stick together and comes in 150 different color combinations, which is why all of the images you’ll see will be in black and white until launch. No further info, but looks like the Gizzer has something up its sleeve later today. Exclusive Microsoft Zune… Read More

  • Masterlock Bested?

    In the spirit of bump keys comes the padlock shiv. Using a small shard of metal extracted from an aluminum can, one can apparently pop most padlocks. I’ve heard about this before, but prior to this the only thing I’ve seen people manage to open with the shive was their flesh. These guys look to have gotten the process down successfully, but I wish the video had a better shot of… Read More

  • Toshiba's REGZA WLT68 HD-Ready TV

    Toshiba’s REGZA lineup of TVs are the first TVs to carry three HDMI inputs, says Toshiba. The sets feature Active Vision M100 technology (offering the “smoothest, sharpest, most lifelike picture possible”), enhanced detail, color, contrast and an integrated digital tuner. They also have separate bass and tweeter speaker systems for sound, and offer an optional subwoofer. Read More

  • Little Phatty by Moog

    The Little Phatty, by Moog, is a monophonic analog synthesizer with 100 user editable presets. It was also the last product that Bob Moog had any impact on. This beautiful Moog Synthesizer is actually the smaller and cheaper version of the MiniMoog Voyager, and features a 37-note keyboard, spring-loaded pitch wheel, mod wheel, glide on/off, octave down, and octave up. Sound editing of… Read More

  • Glucose Metering Phone

    Not much to report on this right now, but it looks like it’s going to drop in the next few months and might be just the thing for those suffering diabetes. The system connects directly to your phone – or a specific phone – and it sends glucose readings to a doctor and to the user’s own monitoring system. An excellent melding of technology, design, and usability. Read More

  • iRiver T10 Now Shipping

    The 2GB version of the T10 MP3 player from iRiver is shipping now in the US. The player supports MP3, WMA, OGG and Flash Lite 1.1, plus has an FM tuner as well. It’s $150 street, and comes with a free audiobook download from Audible. Not only that, it works with every music subscription service except for iTunes. But, that’s kind of like saying you can eat every kind of fruit… Read More

  • CrunchedGear Contest

    : Proporta BlackBerry 8700 hard case Proporta screen protector Proporta 4-in-1 pen Proporta Tungsten T5 case Proporta in-car mount Here’s how to enter. Send a picture of the most destroyed, most beaten-up, and/or nastiest piece of technology you own and which item you’d like plus a second choice. We’ll pick five winners and send out their fancy, fancy gifts. All pictures… Read More

  • Treadmill Bike

    We’re pretty sure this is a joke, but take a look at this treadmill bike video. Yes, it’s a treadmill crossed with a bike, which is another entry for today’s theme of “things that don’t work well when mated together”. Treadmill Bike [via Gizmodo] Read More