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Facebook is now prioritizing local news globally

As Facebook continues to face fierce media scrutiny over how it handles user data, the company may well be wishing for some gentler headlines. So it’s perhaps no accident it’s chosen toda

Facebook ends its experiment with the alternative ‘Explore’ news feed

Facebook is ending its short-lived (and misguided) experiment with the alternative news feed feature called “Explore.” In a blog post today, Facebook head of news feed Adam Mosseri wrote:

Facebook’s latest News Feed update will prioritize trustworthy publishers

Facebook is gearing up to prioritize news content by publishers a group of Facebook users have deemed trustworthy. Facebook head of News Feed Adam Mosseri said the company surveyed "a diverse and repr

Facebook adds a Snooze button for muting people, groups and Pages for 30 days

Facebook today is launching a new feature designed to give users more control over what content they see in their News Feed: a “Snooze” button. The option, which will become available via

Time’s up for the Ticker? Facebook appears to axe feed for tracking your friends’ activity

As Facebook continues to tinker with its layout and services to spur more interactions and engagement, it seems that not even the most well-known or oldest features are spared. In the most recent deve

Facebook will soon start ranking faster loading webpages higher in News Feed

Facebook today announced it will soon be rolling out a change to its News Feed that will increase the distribution of links to faster loading web pages – including those that use its own Instant

Facebook will give some longer videos a boost in the News Feed

Facebook today is changing how it ranks the videos that appear in the News Feed, with the goal of better surfacing those that are more relevant to you. It’s a slight tweak, but one that could b

Facebook’s News Feed just got better on slower connections

Facebook’s News Feed has now been made even better for users with slow network connections – a project the social network has been working on for some time by revamping its underlying arch

Algorithmic feeds force us to compete

Is that photo pretty enough? Is that tweet funny enough? If not, they might not be seen now that Instagram and Twitter are moving to algorithmically sorted feeds. That could spell big problems for mar

Instagram is switching its feed from chronological to best posts first

The average Instagram user misses 70 percent of what’s in their feed, including great photos with tons of Likes and posts by their best friends. So today Instagram announced it will start rearra

20 New Ways Facebook Is Eating The Internet

Facebook never, ever, ever wants you to leave. That’s why it’s replicating features from other apps and pulling content like videos and news articles inside its app. The more time you spen

Facebook Rolls Out Simplified News Feed That Leaves Content And Ads Alone

<a target="_blank" href="">Facebook</a> has gone through many <a target="_blank" href="">iterations</a>, and

What I Learned About Facebook As A Feedback Panelist

Today when I opened Facebook, as I do every day, at some point, at least once, I was surprised to see the social network asking me for some time and input. Generally speaking, it asks "What's on your

Facebook To Capture 15.8% Of Global Mobile Ad Revenue This Year, Predicts eMarketer, Up From Just 5.35% In 2012

It’s no secret that Facebook has accelerated its mobile ad business in recent quarters. This mobile ad monetization push is resulting in “dramatic gains” in worldwide mobile ad marke

Facebook Home’s Cover Feed Is A Laid-Back, Streamed News Feed On Your Phone’s Home Screen

As predicted, Facebook announced a way to turn your Android phone into one focused on people and not apps, as we’ve grown accustomed to on computers and mobile devices. “We don’t wan

Checking Facebook Has Become Too Much Like Checking Email, And The News Feed Redesign Might Fix That

Do you enjoy checking email? Probably not, since the word “checking” is something that sounds like work. Whenever you have to continually go back to a place to see if anything new is there

Tune In Live To Facebook’s News Feed Event As It Happens

Facebook is having an event to show off changes to its News Feed today, and the company is livestreaming the event. Here's a video feed so you can watch along.

With A Flick Of The Wrist, Facebook Could Destroy Current Advertising Models

Advertising is something that we’ve all grown accustomed to in today’s society. For companies that provide free services, it’s an important part of keeping those services free for ev

Facebook Rolls Out Changes to Chat, Other Experiments, Leads to Problems

Facebook made changes to the Facebook Chat sidebar feature, several users are reporting. Now, your favorite online friends appear in the top section of Chat, with a separate list titled "More Online F

Facebook Clusters Topics In News Feed, Opens Can Of Worms

Facebook has been trying to figure out its News Feed since it launched in 2006, and of course because it's Facebook every time it changes absolutely anything it seems to throw users into of tumult. E
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