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  • News Corp. Backs Down On Anti-Google Stance, Plans Searchable Article Previews, Keeps Paywall Intact

    News Corp. Backs Down On Anti-Google Stance, Plans Searchable Article Previews, Keeps Paywall Intact

    Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. is planning once again to let stories from its paywalled UK newspaper The Times get indexed by the search giant Google. This reverses a two-year-old policy in which News Corp’s UK newspaper division News International dramatically yanked stories from Google as it prepared a paywall to better monetize that content and do away with low-value… Read More

  • News Corp. Q4 Sales Of $8.4B Miss Estimates, Takes $2.8B Charge On Publishing Business

    News Corp. Q4 Sales Of $8.4B Miss Estimates, Takes $2.8B Charge On Publishing Business

    News Corporation has just reported its quarterly earnings. For Q4 it had revenues of $8.4 billion with earnings per share of $0.32, both down compared to the year before (Q4 2011 the company reported revenues of $9 billion with EPS of $0.35). The company also reported a net loss of $1.6 billion for the quarter, compared to a net income of $683 million in the same quarter a year ago. The… Read More

  • Accel Partners’ Jim Breyer Slated To Join News Corp Board, Perkins To Exit

    Accel Partners’ Jim Breyer Slated To Join News Corp Board, Perkins To Exit

    Jim Breyer, a partner of venture capital firm Accel Partners, has been nominated for election to the board of directors of media conglomerate News Corporation, the company announced this morning. Breyer will stand for election at News Corp’s annual meeting of stockholders on October 21, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. The company also said that directors Kenneth E. Cowley and Thomas J. Read More

  • TrueCar Acquires News Corp-Backed Automotive Social Network

    TrueCar, which helps people research new and used car prices and find local dealer savings, has acquired automotive social media company, dubbed the ‘Facebook for car buyers’ in the news release. Interestingly, was co-founded by Tom Taira, who is also the co-founder and former president of … TrueCar. News Corporation, an early investor in, will… Read More

  • DLD11: James Murdoch On The Daily, Paywalls, Google And Apple

    James Murdoch, son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and currently Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, Europe and Asia, was interviewed on stage at the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany. Murdoch touched on everything from its relationship with Google and Apple, to paywalls for online newspapers, iPad applications and more. These are my notes: Read More

  • The Times UK Lost 4 Million Readers To Its Paywall Experiment

    Back in June, News Corp put two more of its newspapers, other than the Wall Street Journal, behind a paywall: The Times of London and the Sunday Times. We kind of expected it to be a disaster, but now we actually have some results. The company announced that it signed up 105,000 paying subscribers, plus another 100,000 who were already subscribers to the print newspaper. But what did the… Read More

  • In Preparation For Sale To Rubicon Project, Fox Audience Network Fires Half Its Staff

    In Preparation For Sale To Rubicon Project, Fox Audience Network Fires Half Its Staff

    News Corp is on the verge of unloading another one of its digital businesses under Fox Interactive Media, the Fox Audience Network (FAN), to Los Angeles-based ad-optimization startup The Rubicon Project. The deal has not been signed yet and may still fall apart, but the two companies are in the final stages of negotiation, according to sources with direct knowledge of the deal. (Talks have… Read More

  • Wall Street Journal Investigation Into MySpace Was Quietly Killed

    Wall Street Journal Investigation Into MySpace Was Quietly Killed

    A few days ago the Wall Street Journal published a series of articles about a supposed Facebook privacy breach. We and others noted that the article was complete rubbish. We also noted that the Wall Street Journal’s sister company, MySpace, wasn’t mentioned in the article – either as a disclosure of a conflict of interest or a discussion of whether MySpace was doing the… Read More

  • Wall Street Journal Throws A Softball To MySpace

    Wall Street Journal Throws A Softball To MySpace

    I’m sort of scratching my head at the Wall Street Journal’s article (mostly behind a paywall) that MySpace is in negotiations over some kind of new search advertising deal. “News Corp. is in discussions with Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. about replacing MySpace’s crucial search-advertising partnership with Google, which expires next month, according to… Read More

  • News Corp. Buys Social Software Studio Irata Labs (Yes, The #Spymaster Guys)

    News Corp. has acquired Irata Labs, a small social software development studio based in San Francisco, the LA Times has learned. The company, which builds games and other apps for social networks, has confirmed the deal to us and on Twitter (check out these tweets from Irata Labs CEO Chris Abad and co-founder and designer D. Keith Robinson). The terms were not disclosed. Read More

  • Wall Street Journal Pro Edition Now Available For Consumers ($49 per Month)

    Back in October 2009, Dow Jones debuted a premium business news site dubbed The Wall Street Journal Professional Edition in an attempt to get companies to pay up $588 a year for access to more personalized, business-related news and analysis. This morning, the WSJ Pro Edition became available to consumers as well, at the exact same price point ($49 per month) although existing… Read More

  • News Corp. Throwing Away The Crown Jewel: Fox Audience Network

    News Corp. isn’t beating around the bush with its digital assets. Rotten Tomatoes has been sold off to Flixster. Photobucket went to Ontela. IGN had 20% staff cuts, and MySpace is dealing with co-presidents. Fox Audience Network, the advertising arm for News Corp.’s digital assets has trudged stoically through all the drama. Under President Adam Bain the entity has grown and… Read More

  • IGN Entertainment Slashes 20 Percent Of Staff

    Nobody is safe in the House of Murdoch, especially on the Internet side of the house. Yesterday, News Corp’s online games business, IGN Entertainment, announced layoffs to its staff. Cuts were pretty even across all parts of the company, and we’ve been able to learn that about 65 people in total lost their jobs, or roughly 20 percent of staff. Joystiq was the first to get a hold… Read More

  • Andreessen's Advice To Old Media: "Burn The Boats"

    Andreessen's Advice To Old Media: "Burn The Boats"

    Legend has it that when Cortes landed in Mexico in the 1500s, he ordered his men to burn the ships that had brought them there to remove the possibility of doing anything other than going forward into the unknown. Marc Andreessen has the same advice for old media companies: “Burn the boats.” Yesterday, Andreessen was in New York City and we met up. We got to talking about how… Read More

  • News Corp Earnings Are In: Digital Media Contribution Decreases By $32 Million YOY

    News Corporation this afternoon announced financial results for the second quarter ended December 31, 2009. Zooming in on the ‘Other’ segment, which houses News Corp’s Digital Media group, things are not looking too bright over there, in contrast to the rest of the business. The business unit, which manages MySpace, IGN Entertainment, as well as the Hulu joint venture with… Read More

  • You Can Ignore The AP's Bluster. It Is Just A Negotiating Bluff.

    The Associated Press is yapping again about the “exploitation of news” by search engines, news aggregators and, well, the Internet itself. The CEO of the AP, Tom Curley, told a media industry powwow in Beijing: We will no longer tolerate the disconnect between people who devote themselves — at great human and economic cost — to gathering news of public interest and… Read More

  • Jonathan Miller, Who's Taking Over MySpace, Doesn't Have A MySpace Profile

    As far as we can tell, the guy who’s going to be taking over MySpace along with the rest of News Corp.’s digital assets doesn’t actually use the site itself. We cannot locate a MySpace profile for Jonathan Miller, who will shortly become the CEO of Digital Media for News Corp. We’re big believers in company executives eating their own dog food, and more often than not… Read More