Ex-MySpace Execs Quietly Building New Startup Called Namesake

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />One good thing to come out of MySpace's slow demise: a bunch of former employees are creat

Two Years Later, MySpace Karaoke Launches

MySpace Karaoke launched today. I had actually forgotten about this, but the site is powered by kSolo, an online karaoke service that MySpace parent company Fox Interactive Media acquired back in Apri

Fox Acquires Web Karaoke Service, kSolo

In March, Ross Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive, said he’d acquire five or so new companies in the near future. On Monday morning they’ll announce two of them. The first announcemen

Fox to Acquire Startup NewRoo

Fox Interactive is in the closing stages of acquiring unlaunched startup NewRoo for “less than $10 million,” according to very reliable sources. This follows Fox Interactive President Ross

The Memeorandum Hunters

I’ve written about two new real-time news aggregators today, Megite and Newroo. The space is clearly hot, with both funded and unfunded companies rushing to release products. The goal? Leverage

Newroo's Real-Time News Aggregator

San Francisco based Newroo, founded by Brown University graduates Brian Norgard and Dan Gould in 2005, is just two weeks away from launch. Like Megite, Newroo is ultimately addressing the same market