• CrunchDeals: $15 House of the Dead 2 & 3 for Wii (and other Newegg stuff)

    Newegg’s little “here’s a few ‘deals’ you might enjoy” e-mail just showed up in my inbox. It’s about games. There’s a few deals you might enjoy. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Seagate Barracude 1TB & 1.5TB

    Hard drive prices are dropping and dropping. It’s it grand?! We love it. Anyway, newegg has some killer deals on hard drives today. Yup, these are from the same line of drives that had issues last year, but the new firmware seemed to have fixed those problems. These prices are too good to pass up too. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 4GB Zune + Car accessory pack for $100

    Considering the 4GB Zune goes for $100 by itself, I’d say this deal from Newegg is hard to pass up. The 8GB Zune black is also being bundled with the kit at a $10 discount. The rest of the 8GB colors are still $130, but you still get the car accessory kit for free, which is usually sold for $70. Couple that with the new Zune Pass and you’ve got yourself a pretty righteous deal. Read More

  • has some ‘Cyber Monday’ deals for you: Draft-N Linksys router for $85

    Cyber Monday, online retailers’ version of Black Friday, may be a complete sham, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a few deals out there. Newegg, which throws the unfortunate phrase “Mega Monday Madness” into the mix, has hundreds of stuff that may interest you. Why, there’s a copy of Call of Duty 4 for $39.99 (the same price I paid last… Read More

  • Black Friday deals: 4GB Corsair RAM for $20

    As promised, has pulled out many of the stops to deliver unto you several Black Friday deals. No, I take that back. They’re not just deals, but ULTRA-SECRET deals. So ultra-secret, in fact, that I’m posting them here for y’all to see. Highlights include: • 4GB (2x2GB) of Corsair DDR 2 800 RAM for $49.9919.99 with rebate! That’s hot. • 19-inch… Read More

  • Not content with a mere Black Friday sale, starts pre-Black Friday sale

    As you might expect, is having itself one of those Black Friday sales later this week, on Friday, but they’re also having a bit of a pre-sale that might interest you. It’s sorta like pre-gaming. There’s a whole bunch of stuff on sale, but the following items caught my eye. • Intel Core 2 Quad processor for $179 • 100 Verbatim 4.7GB DVD-Rs for… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Newegg's end of summer sale, ahoy is having itself a little end of summer sale that might interest some of you. Prices on some items have been cut by as much as 65 percent, meaning you’ll be able to buy things like a Lite-On 20X DVD burner for $29, a 16-inch widescreen monitor for $99, and the Logitech G7 wireless mouse for $57. All of the promo codes you need to get the discounts can be found here. Read More

  • Newegg stops collecting NY State sales tax

    Newegg doesn’t care what the State of New York says about collecting sales tax from NY residents and I’d like to give them a high five. Seriously, NY can take that Amazon tax and shove it. “After careful review and consideration, we are pleased to inform you that we have stopped collecting New York sales tax, effective August 21, 2008,” Newegg spokesman Bernard Luthi… Read More

  • Windows Vista Now Available From NewEgg

    Chances are if you’re geeked out enough, you’re already well familiar NewEgg and its awesome deals. If you’re dying to get Vista but don’t want to wait until that pesky January 30th “release date” they keep talking about, you’re in luck. You can now order Vista from NewEgg in the following flavors: Vista 32-bit Ultimate Single Pack DVD (OEM)… Read More