New Releases

  • Zune Firmware Update 1.3 Approaches

    Cesar over at Zune Insider announced last night that new Zune firmware will be released later this month. Update 1.3 will fix a number of issues, but not really add any functionality. At any rate, this is what you can expect from the new firmware: The skipping issue that many users have experienced on content purchased from the Zune Marketplace will be resolved. Improved device and… Read More

  • NEC Drops Two New Versa Laptops, Featuring Added Security

    , the M360 and the M160. NEC is promoting these as having the “perfect balance” between performance, flexibility and security, though I don’t see anything outstanding. They both have integrated biometric fingerprint scanners, but there’s nothing new there. The M360 has an optional port replicator with it’s own biometric scanner, but that seems rather redundant. Read More

  • All Hail Guitar Hero 2

    Fans of Guitar Hero for the PS2 rejoice, Guitar Hero 2 is coming. What’s more, the new version will now allow players to strum either rhythm, bass or lead with its intuitive Gibson SG guitar controller. Beyond overseeing the design of the SG, Gibson has also seized the honor of having its guitars branded in-game. Like the original, Guitar Hero 2 will feature tracks from a multitude of… Read More