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Zendesk Insights Shows It’s A Data-Driven World

Last month, I wrote an article called Actually, Every Company Is A Big Data Company in which I postulated that simply by the act of collecting data as an artifact of doing business, every company is

Apple CEO Tim Cook Hypes The Fall, Downplays The Summer On New Hardware

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn't generally talk too specifically about upcoming product plans, but he went out of his way to put an unusually fine point on when to expect new products than he usually does.

Technolust, You Done Me Wrong: Palm Foleo Delayed

As probably the only person on this planet that’s been anxiously waiting for August 22nd, 2007 — the Palm Foleo’s supposed release date — the news has hit me like a ton of low-

Apple Store Is Down

As of 7:54am, the Apple Store has been down. The classic Post-It note with the text “We’ll be back soon.” is up, which means a new product is being introduced to the store. What will

Live From Vegas: Sony 2007 Products Showcase

I’m reporting live here from the Paris Hotel in beautiful Las Vegas, where Sony is showing off to dealers and the media a crapload of new announcements. It’s sort of like CES 1983 here &md