New Orleans

After Harvey, ignore the climate debate and focus on building better, more efficient cities

As <a target="_blank" href=";register=google" rel="noopener">Tropical Storm Harvey</a> ma

Merienda Picnic Will Deliver A Fully Stocked Picnic In Under An Hour

Everyone loves a picnic, but the labor-intensive planning, packing, and cleanup often cause people to rethink their outdoor plans and just head to a nearby restaurant. Merienda Picnic (winner of las

Hey, New Orleans, Let’s Talk Startups Tonight

Good morrow, good citizens of New Orleans, I bid thee attend an impromptu meet and greet in your fair city tonight at 7:30pm at sublime Barcadia, a strange land full of libation of merriment. I’

Thanks, New Orleans: The Meetup Is On!

Good news, everybody! Everything is really looking up in New Orleans and we're on track to at least beat a few of the smaller cities we've visited in terms of tickets sold. That doesn't mean you shoul

Let’s Go, New Orleans: We Want You At Our Meetup Next Week

Hey, NOLA. What's up? Listen, we have a problem. While we know that <a href="">Atlanta</a> is a startup hub and we're already oversold in G

Calling All Hardware Startups In Atlanta, New Orleans, And Charleston

Hello, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Charleston. We'd like to meet you. After you guys shovel out your unenclosed garages and de ice your homes, please drop us a line so we can see what amazing hardware y

Kinobi Will Use Kinect To Teach You Yoga, Dancing Or Maybe Even Surgery

The web makes it easy to find instructional videos on practically any topic. There are 18,600,000 <a target="_blank" href="

New Orleans’ First Tech Incubator, Launch Pad Ignition, Debuts Its Second Batch Of Startups

<a href="">Launch Pad Ignition</a>, the first tech incubator to make its home in the Big Easy, today officially unveiled the seven companies that participated in its secon

New Orleans Municipal WiFi Going Dark

What bullshit! Not surprising, but ridiculous nonetheless. Ars Technica just reported that the city-wide New Orleans Municipal WiFi will soon be shutdown in favor of a pay service from Earthlink. Appa