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  • Museums, startups and accelerators… oh, my! Crunch Network

    Museums, startups and accelerators… oh, my!

    Startup accelerators have become an integral part of helping early-stage companies build, fund and bring to market new products and ideas. Recently, we’ve seen museums look to the models of accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces to bring together entrepreneurs, hackers and cultural practitioners in hopes of driving innovation and generating new ideas. Is this a fad or new trend? Read More

  • The New Museum Brings Together Seven Artists With Seven Engineers (50 Discount Tickets)

    What happens when you pair seven visual artists with seven engineers and technologists? The New Museum in New York City is about to find out. An upcoming exhibit called Seven On Seven will put together artists and programmers for one day and tell them to come up with something together. It could be an application, a work of art, a full-blown product, or anything they want. Some of the… Read More