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  • The New “Handmade” (Part Three)

    The New “Handmade” (Part Three)

    Consumer interest in 3D printing is booming, thanks to increasingly affordable printers, crazy stories about 3D-printed candy, human ears and handguns, all of which are impressive technological leaps. But 3D printing is fueling artists’ creativity, too, whether those artists are formally trained experts or self-taught newcomers, finding their way around by watching YouTube tutorials. Read More

  • The New “Handmade” (Part Two)

    The New “Handmade” (Part Two)

    Although 3D printing technology has existed for some time, it’s only now beginning to cross over into mainstream awareness, thanks to increasingly affordable access to the printers themselves as well as attention-grabbing headlines about 3D printed guns and life-saving medical applications. While less eye-catching, perhaps, the innovation is also powering a new class of creatives, who… Read More

  • The New “Handmade”

    The New “Handmade”

    Amid grumblings of a “general fatigue” when it comes to software-based startups, a potentially transformative technology called 3D printing is poised to reach critical mass and mainstream awareness. Today’s news headlines about the technology tend to focus on the extreme possibilities in being able to print objects on demand – from the terrors of things like a… Read More