New Era Capital Partners

GlossAi’s generative highlights are a glimpse of content’s crowded future

For anyone who wants to get a piece of content they’ve created out there, the number of platforms and formats means it’s not so simple as it used to be. GlossAi is a startup aiming to auto

Tulu makes the sharing economy extremely local (to just your apartment building)

If sharing is caring, Tulu has a giant rack of care for you. The company takes the sharing economy to its next logical stop along its journey toward “who even owns stuff anymore?”, giving

New Era Capital Partners closes $140M to turn Israeli startups into ‘global citizens’

The firm’s main objective is to take Israeli companies to the next level and then the one beyond that.

Workiz raises $40M on a surge of interest for productivity tools aimed at home service teams

We may hear a lot about how big businesses are undergoing digital transformation, but the trend isn’t exclusively limited to them, and today a startup that’s building better productivity t

Workiz locks in $13M for productivity tools aimed at home services professionals

Knowledge workers — those whose professions tend to be anchored to desks or computers — have long been the most obvious and primary focus for a lot of B2B apps and services. But as the wid