Network Storage

PS3 Slim was supposed to have network storage (that is, no local hard drive)

<img src="" />Did you know that, at one point, Sony considered constructing the <a HREF=""

LG announces Wi-Fi capable NAS

<img src="" />It's all about the home network storage these days. As more and more companies jump into the ring with their produc

Review: PogoPlug USB hard drive network sharing

<img src="" />We wrote about the <a href="">PogoPlu

Review: Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Storage

Reviewing a NAS is probably not at the top of my list of things to do, but the Iomega ix2 is a dead simple network storage solution that works well. The model I reviewed is the 2TB variety and I final

I-O Data Shows Off Next-Gen Landisk Home Network Storage Amid Much Secrecy

Gabbo, Gabbo, Gabbo! That’s how I-O Data is introducing its new Landisk home network storage dealie. (Think of it like an Apple TV, just with more built-in storage and less panache.) It’s