Another neo-Nazi site, Stormfront, is shut down

Stormfront, the oldest neo-Nazi forum on the web, has been shut down by its name provider, Network Solutions, and the domain officially put on hold. The news followed the shutdown of DailyStormer, ano Buys Domain Registrar And Hosting Company Network Solutions For $560.8 Million

Internet services company has <a href="">acquired</a> domain registrar and hosting provider

Network Solutions Suddenly Opposed To Domain Hijacking

Hypocrisy alert: Domain name registrar Network Solutions, which earlier this year adopted the questionable practice of registering on its own behalf any domain name searches done on its site, today ur

Network Solutions Hijacking Unassigned Sub-Domains

Network Solutions is hijacking unassigned sub domains and delivering link filled holding pages for hundreds of thousands of sites. Win Betteridge runs and contacted TechCrunch with the det

Network Solutions, ICANN Sued Over Domain Front Running

Network Solutions and ICANN are being sued over the “front running” domain registration practices that we covered last month. “Network Solutions has forced millions of people to buy

Network Solutions Using Questionable Tactic to Sell More Domain Names

Network Solutions used to be the only place you could go to buy a .com or other domain name. Years ago they lost their monopoly rights and a flood of low priced competitors entered the market. Today N

Network Solutions Acquired By General Atlantic

We’re just getting news that domain name registrar (the original one) Network Solutions has been acquired by General Atlantic, a private equity firm. The price hasn’t been disclosed, but i