• Netvibes Gets All Digg-Like With Buzz

    Personalized home page service Netvibes has quietly rolled out a new social feature called Buzz. The Buzz section tracks what links are getting starred the most throughout Netvibes network of home pages. Netvibes users can star any of the links they like on their homepages, RSS readers, YouTube boxes, Digg widgets, and other widgets. And when items have been starred, they show up in… Read More

  • Pageflakes Acquisition Confirmed

    The personalized start page is dead. Long live the personalized start page. Pageflakes, a nice-looking but perennial also-ran in the world of start-page startups, has been officially acquired by Brad Greenspan’s Live Universe, a deal we reported earlier this week. Terms were not disclosed, but it was a combination of cash and stock. Pageflakes CEO Dan Cohen will remain in charge of… Read More

  • The Personalized Homepage War: Who Matters

    It’s time for an update on the personalized homepage wars – Netvibes and Pageflakes tend to get most of the press attention, and they are certainly pushing the envelope and trying to find new ways to make their services useful to users. But those two services have less than 4% of the market for personalized homepages between them (I have emailed both companies to see if their… Read More

  • Buy Your Own Netvibes/Pageflakes – Bidding Starts At $90

    Personalized desktop pages have been a popular as various players have grown market share, and others have failed. Providers like Netvibes, Pageflakes, My Yahoo and iGoogle have a passionate user base – nearly 40 million people a month visit My Yahoo alone (Comscore worldwide, January 2008). So many of these popped up by the end of 2005 that we stopped paying attention. As is often the… Read More

  • PageOnce to Put All Your Online Accounts in One Place

    Personal content aggregators are nothing new. We recently covered the latest of many services that consolidate your social networking activity into one place. But PageOnce, a company that was on this year’s Israel Web Tour, wants to become the one stop shop for all your web-accessible accounts. The site is still in private beta and working to expand the number of account types that… Read More

  • 500 Invites for Netvibes Ginger Beta

    Netvibes is opening up the beta for its Ginger release, and 500 invites have been reserved for the first TechCrunch readers to sign up here (enter code: “TCGINGER500”). Ginger will become the default interface for all Netvibes members in mid-February, but if you click fast you can get a peak now. Netvibes is a customizable start page that lets you add any RSS feed, as well as… Read More

  • 2008: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

    This will be the third annual post on “Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without.” The first post, for 2006, is here. The 2007 post, written a year ago, is here. This is a list of the products I tend to use daily. Some are for work (WordPress, Delicious, Google Docs, etc.), some are for fun (Amazon Music, Amie Street, etc), and some are useful for both (Digg, Skype… Read More

  • Yahoo Widgets Upgrade: Now With Flash and New Friends

    Google gadgets came to the Mac today and now Yahoo is releasing an update of their own. They’ve upgraded their Konfabulator widget platform to 4.5 (not currently up) and overhauled their site’s user interface to incorporate better user feedback. While you can get all the technical improvements from Yahoo’s own upcoming announcement. The highlights are support for Flash and… Read More

  • Global Grind: Ajax, Finally, For The Hip Hop Demographic

    The global hip-hop community: twenty four million people between the ages of 19-34, from a range of nationalities, ethnic groups and religions. Their collective spending power is $500 billion annually in the U.S. alone. Naturally, there are lots of online properties dedicated to Hip Hop culture. And now they have a customizable Ajax home page, too. New York based global Grind launches this… Read More

  • NetVibes for iPhone

    I like Netvibes. It’s a great idea and generally a little more user friendly than Google Homepage and they even made us a cool universe that offers a glimpse into the twisted mind of a certain CG editor. It’s like reading my diary! Read More

  • Netvibes For iPhone Available Now

    Customizable home page site Netvibes released a pre-beta version of their site for the iPhone earlier today at This version of the site doesn’t look like much on a normal browser, but it definitely does the job on the iPhone. The already minimalized Netvibes is pared down even further for the iPhone to a single column of widgets. There are few graphics to speed… Read More

  • Netvibes Launches Facebook Widget; It's A Little Buggy

    People are clearly getting a little fatigued with all the new Facebook applications – so it’s nice to see something that actually works in reverse by pulling Facebook data into another application. Netvibes launched a cool new widget today that pulls certain Facebook data into your Netvibes page. Once installed, the widget show messages, pokes, friend requests, and other information. Read More

  • Introducing the NetVibes CrunchGear Universe

    NetVibes is a really cool RSS/widget service that lets you make a drag-and-drop environment with plenty of AJAXy goodness. The nice folks at NetVibes gave us our own “Universe,” a customized home page where we can show folks what we love. Included on the page are some Flickr searches, a few RSS feeds from competing Web sites and lots of orange. Check it out. CrunchGear Universe Read More

  • Netvibes Launches Universe: Customized Public Pages

    This afternoon Netvibes will announce the launch of Netvibes Universe, allowing users to create highly customized versions of Netvibes and publish them for public access. Netvibes has created 100 or so branded versions for the launch – users will be able to create these in about six weeks. In addition to making the page public, publishers can also highly customize their Universe page… Read More

  • Netvibes San Francisco Party: TechCrunch Readers Get Last 50 Invites

    Netvibes is throwing a party for 600 of their closest friends to celebrate the upcoming release of “Netvibes Universe” (look for our post on it soon). The party is free to attend, but you have to RSVP. Netvibes founder Tariq Krim agreed to give the last fifty invitations away to TechCrunch readers. If you’d like to attend, RSVP now at After the 50… Read More

  • A Little Perspective On Ajax Home Pages

    We’ve tracked a bunch of customizable, Ajax-rich home pages over the last couple of years. At one point it seemed like a new one was launching every week. New ones are still launching (here’s a promising one in beta), and the youngsters, Netvibes and Pageflakes, are showing the most energy and creativity. See, for example, Netvibe’s new effort to create cross platform… Read More

  • Netvibes Promises Cross-Platform Widget Compatibility

    The fragmentation of widget platforms presents a problem for developers, who need to develop and then maintain different versions of widgets for the various desktop widget platforms (Vista, Mac, Google, Yahoo) as well as online platforms like Pageflakes and Netvibes (and lots of others). The W3C has a working draft of a 1.0 Widget specification, which if adopted would make life easier for… Read More

  • Make Your Own Netvibes Modules With Dapper

    Mashup creation tool Dapper announced today that its users can now easily create new modules from any data source for placement in the popular start page Netvibes. Dapper is a company that’s either glorifying screen scraping or leading the charge towards data portability, depending on your perspective. I like it a lot. Working with Dapper to enable fast user creation of new modules is… Read More

  • Pageflakes 2.0 To Launch

    Pageflakes, an Ajax home page service that is headquartered in Germany, is preparing to launch a major user interface change in the next day or two. I interviewed co-founder and CEO Christoph Janz and head designer Jeremy Baines about the new launch – you can listen to the podcast at TalkCrunch. A big part of the launch will be promotion of Pageflake’s recently added… Read More

  • New Look For Netvibes

    Netvibes quietly released an updated look and feel this evening. Read about the release on the Netvibes blog here and here. Key additions to the service include: Module search New web/blog /video search with results within netvibes Customization of look and feel MySpace module Netvibes says in their blog entry that the new release “will change the way you use and view the web”… Read More